Best Buy cancels Galaxy Fold pre-orders, throws shade at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold home screen in hand

According to a post in the official Best Buy support forums, the popular electronics retailer is canceling all pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This news comes on the back of Samsung postponing the release date of the company’s first foldable smartphone in order to fix various problems early reviewers faced when using the device. Samsung promised to announce an updated release date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold but hasn’t done so as of yet.

In the Best Buy message regarding the pre-order cancelations, the retailer makes it clear that Samsung hasn’t provided it with any new information on the Fold’s release date. As such, Best Buy has little choice but to cancel all the orders:

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has become one of the most curious and highly anticipated devices of 2019. […] However, with breakthrough designs and technology come many hurdles and the possibility to face a plethora of unforeseen hiccups. These hurdles have led Samsung to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung has not provided a new release date. Because we put our customers first and want to ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner, Best Buy has decided to cancel all current pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The line “because we put our customers first” is definitely a bit of shade thrown at Samsung’s feet, as it implies Best Buy is doing something that Samsung isn’t.

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The message also implies that not only is Samsung not revealing to the press or general public when the Fold will actually launch, but that it isn’t even dishing the info off-the-record to one of its largest retail partners.

The last we heard from Samsung regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fold was when DJ Koh revealed that a decision regarding the device would come “in a couple of days.” That was on May 9, roughly two weeks ago.

We’ve reached out to Samsung in order to get more information on this topic. We will update this article should we hear back.

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