Bleach Brave Souls – VER. 8.1.2 (God Mode – 1 Hit Kill – No Skill Cooltime) hack APK

Bleach Brave Souls (God Mode - 1 Hit Kill - No skill Cooltime) hack APK

Bleach Brave Souls – VER. 8.1.2


hack V1:

01. weaken the enemy attack (Notifications-Event Starting Alerts: ON-original, OFF-weakened)
02. weaken the enemy blood (Notifications-Event Ending Alerts: ON-original, OFF-weakened)
03. Battle time (voice volume=100 Battle time is 09:59 , voice volume=0 Battle time is 01:29 , voice volume not 100 or 0 battle time is 02:59)
04. improve the player moving speed
05. Clear the automatic combat mode time
06. Clear use automatic combat mode the number of times
07. increase the number of checkpoints combo
08. Clear exception status
09. Only teaching mode to force open automatic combat
10. Automatic dialogue system (before entering the level)
11. skill no cooltime
12. infinity soul bombs
13. combo 99

This hack only use in co-op,don’t use main account,pls create another account use this hack to help your main account.

hack V2:

1. God Mode (Solo + Co-Op)
2. One Hit Kill (Solo + Co-Op)
3. Unlimited Skills = No Cooldown + Unlimited Skill-Soulbombs
4. Movespeed x4 Co-Op in hack menu
5. Movespeed x4 in Solo permanently (not possible to set off via menu)
6. hack Menu

NOTE: You can use now the hack to play tutorial & link account + friendlist bug fixed too. But don’t enable cheats in tutorial.

Areas tested on this version:
1. Story Mode [working]
2. Co-Op Mode as leader [working]
3. PvP [speed & unlimited skills working with tricks]

-PvP Trick: Start the fight with all cheats OFF, turn ON when battle starts & turn off when battle ends.

3. To run safe use dummy account and push your real account in co-op only.

hack 3: 

1 Hit
God Mode

Do not use cheats while you play tutorial (Blackscreen)!

Use the FOR TUTORIAL & ACCOUNT LINKING APK to play the tutorial and link your account to avoid blackscreen! Install the hack APK after you have everything done over it like an update.


1. Will u get banned?

yes that is why i advice u guys to use not your main account but in istead a alt account that can help out your main during the co-op. Also removing this ban is not possible since it is server sided.

2.i can´t download the file?


3.When i run the hack it either freeze or gives me a black screen at the emulator?

If that is the case just restart the hack and it should fix itself.

4. How come i cant use the hack at the brave battle?

Well it is a server sided patch sadly?

5. How to solve the Afk issue.

their is a app called 
RepetiTouch where u record a moment and it works like a bot it will keep looping the same movement so the system wont detect it as afk is my best guess.

1. Remove original game
a. if you played with hack before, you can install new hack over it.
2. Download modded APK
3. Install modded APK
4. Enjoy =)

Google+ login possible? No.

Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
Specific game account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes.


Apk pure: Link

Bypass APK

 hack 1 NO ROOT APK

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