WhatBreach – OSINT Tool To Find Breached Emails And Databases

WhatBreach is a device to seek for breached emails ^(https://www.kitploit.com/search/label/Emails) and their corresponding database. It takes both a unmarried e-mail or an inventory of emails and searches them leveraging haveibeenpwned.com ^(https://haveibeenpwned.com/)‘s API, from there (if there are any breaches) it’ll seek for the question hyperlink on Dehashed referring to the database, and output all breaches in conjunction with all pastes that this e-mail is integrated in (if any). If you are looking for the database, passing a definite flag can even try to obtain to be had freely public databases from databases.these days ^(https://databases.today/). If the question is located throughout the publicly indexed it’ll obtain the database for you and put it aside into the initiatives house folder which will likely be situated below ~/.whatbre ach_home/downloads.

Download WhatBreach ^(https://github.com/Ekultek/WhatBreach)