Chrome’s New ‘Tab Groups’ Feature Will Make Tab Organization Easier

Google is working on a new feature for its popular Chrome browser called “Tab Groups.” As the name suggests, it’s going to make it much easier to organize tabs open in the browser. Since many of us tend to have an unreasonable amount of tabs open at any given time, this is certainly going to make life easier for many users.

The feature to visually organize tabs is reportedly in very early stages of development so it might be a while before we see it doing its thing. The development work on this feature is still ongoing.

A commit for a bug related to this change was added recently and it described the feature as “Tab Groups – Organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs “associated with different tasks.”

This suggests that the feature will allow users to create a type of folder, essentially, where they can organize similar tabs in one easy to access place. This may also turn out to be a bookmarks-like feature which puts most commonly visited sites front and center.

There are a few third-party extensions that already offer this functionality. Since the code change is what has brought this new feature to life, it’s unclear what it will actually look like. Google hasn’t said when we can expect this feature to at least hit the Chrome beta channel. That’s when we’ll get our first look at it.

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