How to share your Netflix with other people safely and easily

Sharing your Netflix account is super easy, and is a very common practice between friends and family. For the price of a single plan, can share up to four people at once. But you are going to tell you more in detail in this article.

The platform of Netflix we love, and we’ve talked about it on numerous occasions in Tuapppara. In addition, it is still the best app for watching films on the mobile, especially if we compare it with the app of HBO or Prime Video, which they are still polishing some details.

His large catalogue of films, series and documentaries makes it very attractive to all types of public, but not everyone can (or wants to) afford to pay a subscription for a single person. Thanks to this, we will be able to enjoy the platform of a cheap, easy and, above all, safe.

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How do I share my account with other people?

On Netflix, an affiliate may not share your account with family and friends, who will also be able to enjoy the content without subscription on multiple devices at the same time. But, as I have already mentioned above, will depend on the plan you have hired, so not all include the option of multiple profiles, or devices.

The capacity of the display depends on the subscription plan:

  • The Basic plan is for a single device.
  • The Standard plan includes two devices at the same time.
  • The Premium package supports up to four devices simultaneously.

Here already the choice is yours: do you want to share your account between 2? Pes the Standard Plan is what you need. On the contrary, if you are 4 users, your best option is the Premium, because you can be 4 at the same time connected without problems. And above, the price of the subscription is divided between more people and you get more economic.

Tips for sharing between multiple

  • On the whole, makes it clear to other people that the password is not shared with anyone else, since the platform will give you four profiles (with their avatar own) and each person that is part of the group you can see what you want, made your lists and you will have your history of your own. It is very easy to give the password to a very close friend, but that person is not paying, and if coincidís more of that includes the Plan, will not allow to see the content.
  • Someone should be the person that lodges the payments with your card. It has to be clear how much you pay each month and that everyone pays when we touch. You can do this through your bank application (and make periodic payments as automated), by Paypal or in person. That each one as you go the better.

Share your account without your password

Maybe with your parents or your brothers, no problem, but maybe gives you a bit of embarrassment to give it your password according to what colleagues. Don’t worry, you can share Netflix with friends or family without the need of giving the password. To do this just you have to download an extension. And in fact, is one of the most secure ways to do this, since you do not provide your credentials to anyone.

You have the option of paying your account Netflix to people in other locations, without the need to provide your username and password, by simply downloading ShareAccount in the computer. Both parties should have installed this Chrome extension, you could set a key for public access.

It is possible to monitor the activation time of the second person and the content to share, what is necessary to control the use of your Netflix account.

This is one of the best to invite someone or provide the service for a certain time, or to see a title in particular.

como entrar a netflix con otra cuenta

descargar de la Chrome Webstore

Terms of use: what can in reality?

What does all the world but… what do you think Netflix sharing account between multiple users? Because you don’t like anything, of course. Despite being a very common practice, if we take a look at the terms of use of the platform, we can see that in reality is not allowed, and so lets see in several points:

  • 4.2. The Netflix service, and any content viewed through the service are for your personal use and not marketable, and cannot be shared with individuals outside of your home. Here, in principle, if you share it with your family (living all in the same house) there would be no problem.
  • 5. Password and account access. […] the Owner of the account must maintain control of all devices compatible with Netflix that is used to access the service and not disclose to anyone or the password or the details of the payment Method associated with that account. That is, the owner can not give the password to other people. This with the extension of Shareaccount would also be salvageable.

In the meantime, while you do not benefit with it (for example, sell your password), the company will not take legal action or you will close the account. At least, this has been their attitude until now. Will have to see what happens when these “family accounts” will begin to affect economically. Time to time.

You have to remember that you as the owner are the ultimate responsible of the use of the account, as well as data access. This post is for informational purposes only and in Tuapppara we are not responsible for the use that you give him 🙂


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