Data Breach with millions of email addresses and passwords surfaced on the internet

Professionally organized groups use systems to automatically try access data on various portals, from email providers to music services. The problem: Many users use passwords several times and rarely change them. So some of the credentials that Hunt encountered will probably still be up to date.
The case shows that users need to do something to protect their digital identity. So they should check regularly if their email address has been published in case of a data leak. The Hasso Plattner Institute offers the Identity Leak Checker – it uses data that hackers have published as in the current case.

Troy Hunt has also developed such a service: He operates the portal He has already integrated the data from the most recent case into the database. If users enter their email address there, they will receive a message as to whether this was affected by one of the known incidents or not.

At the latest when your own e-mail address appears there, you should think about a new password and if possible a two-factor authentication, said Linus Neumann from the Chaos Computer Club of the German Press Agency. A password manager that manages the access data is also helpful ( you will find more tips here ).

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“The year is just two weeks old and it is the second time that we have alarming news,” said Neumann in view of the online attack on nearly 1,000 politicians and celebrities, which had become public in early January. “There are no more excuses. Anyone who does not do anything for his safety acts negligently and takes a risk. “

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