Dauntless is so popular that players are stuck waiting in three-hour-long queues

Dauntless is so popular that players are stuck waiting in three-hour-long queues screenshot

Despite a long keep in open beta, Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs can not stay alongside of the technical calls for of a correct release. Or, extra as it should be, it can not care for the calls for of a unexpected surge in recognition as everybody desires to play suddenly.

Dauntless is a free-to-play cooperative monster searching recreation with true cross-platform play/development capability. The attraction is glaring. Phoenix Labs despatched out a press unlock nowadays that boasts Dauntless‘ participant base has swelled previous 4 million players, part one million of the ones coming with the 1.0 release on May 21. But, it is the belle of the ball and the apple of everybody’s eye now; there is a excellent probability a large number of the open beta players are coming again now that it is an in a single day famous person.

It’s now not all excellent occasions, despite the fact that. Numerous it is waiting time. To hope to toughen this many of us, Phoenix Labs has needed to cap the choice of players that will also be in-game. It’s slightly actually at capability. Players have reported three-hour queues to sign up for a recreation, as Dauntless is pressured to enact a “one in, one out” coverage. That’s proper — some other folks are waiting 180 mins to play Dauntless.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Labs is left scrambling to take care of. The recreation’s Twitter feed is a relentless barrage of updates about server repairs and digital strains. As for the lengthy waits, the developer saysWe know queue occasions don’t seem to be amusing, however the choice used to be to show issues off. We determined it will be higher for other folks to play (however doubtlessly wait some time) than not to have the ability to play in any respect.” That good judgment exams out.

It’ll all stabilize someday. (Although, we would possibly undergo the similar track and dance when it in the end launches on Switch and cellular.) Phoenix Labs gets it below regulate, matchmaking will appear standard, and everybody will have the ability to prompt searching monsters. But, for now, it’ll require some persistence. Growing pains can, certainly, be a ache.