Amperes microwave, Amazon bowed to reveal more devices of Alexa

According to reports, Amazon is working on eight new gadgets based on Alexa.
These devices include an amplifier, a device for the car and a microwave oven.

Amazon bows to disclose some of these devices in an event at the end of this month.

Attendees of voice have slowly spread from smart phones and speakers smart , landing on computers, cars and much more. Now, it seems that Amazon hopes to take things a step further with a series of new devices.

The online retailer is working on eight new gadgets from Alexa , reported CNBC , citing “people familiar with the matter”. The devices include an amplifier , receiver, subwoofer, device for the car and a microwave oven. The store adds that these devices will have built-in Alexa, or can easily connect to the wizard.

It is believed that Amazon will reveal some of these devices with Alexa at an event at the end of this month.

A field of battle in expansion to the voice

The gadget to the automobile and the microwave oven are especially interesting. In the case of the first, could provide an intelligent functionality to older cars, providing traffic information, play music and more. A microwave oven powered by Alexa could allow users to start / stop the microwave and set the cooking times.

It all serves as more evidence that the assistants voice have really been widespread. We have seen that the functionality comes to many devices, such as lights, refrigerators, kettles and even mirrors. However, what are the devices enabled for voice the new “Internet of things”? Hopefully not, but Amazon, Google and others must be careful not to simply add the functionality of voice by the simple fact of doing so.

However, the news also come when Amazon and Google are taking advantage of the space control speaker smart. Google has made gains impressive in the last 12 months, but the battle for number one is too close to call.

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