Deal: Get a 3-pack of 10-ft long USB Type-C cables for only $10


If you’ve got a newer Android phone, chances are really good that it uses a USB Type-C cable to charge. You might have a couple of USB Type-C cables laying around, but can you ever really have enough?

If you need some more, Amazon is running a flash deal ^( right now that gets you three USB Type-C cables for only $10 ^( What’s more, these are braided cables, so they will be much harder to tangle.

If that’s still not good enough for you, these cables are all 10 feet long ^( You read that right — 10 feet. That’s probably more than twice as long as the cable that came with your smartphone.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: these are probably garbage cables. I’ll be the first to admit that Amazon (and plenty of other shops) are overrun with cheap, easily-breakable USB cables that don’t charge quickly and are completely undependable.

Although I can’t speak from personal experience, the reviews on these cables are all really good, with most people saying they charge fast and last a long time. So it seems these are a quality investment!

The deal is only active for today and will run out soon, so get this while you still can ^(!

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