Download games for free with these apps

Thanks to the resolution of their screens, each time bigger and with better graphics, the mobile phones have become a very good alternative to play our favorite levels, replacing the tablet, and even computers and consoles.

We can play with our smartphone at any time and place. And although there are very good stories and graphics adventures free for Android and iOS, sometimes we fall short and we want the full version or want of payment, but without pay. To do this there are ways a both alternatives that you are going to let you have any app to download free games. Dare to discover how.

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Warnings and precautions

In Tuapppara we would like to clarify that the final responsibility for the use of these methods and apps to download games for free on iOS and Android lies solely with the user. In this sense, any misuse of these tools and their potential consequences must be addressed by each one.

For safety, we recommend NOT to install apps from pages that are not other that the official stores, i.e. Google Play and App Store. To download and install an application in format .apk or other formats in the computer or the mobile poses a high risk and can lead to an infection by a virus, malware or installation of other malicious programs without prior warning.

It is wise not to visit any website or download any app whose origin is suspect. Even in those cases that the page or application seem reliable and there is no apparent danger, nor can we guarantee to complete your security. It is important that you have a lot of care at all times.

Therefore, if you are going to make use of these tools , we suggest the installation of an antivirus/anti-malware programs on all devices that you use. In this way, before you install an app or run a file on your computer, you should make it pass by the antivirus to search for potential threats.

However, on the most effective that it can be the antivirus, none of them is able to eradicate 100% of the threats -every day new viruses that can dodge the safety of the device – and, for this reason, you have to keep in mind that zero risk does not exist.

In terms of legality, there is no law as such banning the downloading of apps and games from external sources, but yes that can be interpreted as an immoral act in a certain way because we will be contributing to the developers of the app are not rewarded for their work.

In short, if you want to make use of these apps, before you will need to assess its pros and cons and be aware that in Tuapppara not liable to any damage or theft of the sensitive information that may suffer your device.

The best apps to download free games on Android

Aptoide or Blackmarket

Find a app to download games without paying on Android is not an easy task. The Play Store (Google Play) don’t want to lose money, obviously. For this there are markets applications alternative as the Blackmarket or Aptoide, totally safe until the time –although there are always some that go with your eye and be a little smart to/as to the time of download.

In Aptoide and Blackmarket apps that are not available in the Play Store of your country for free. We leave it up to the two direct links for you to install in your Android device.

Aptoide para conseguir las apk que quieras

Blackmarket, app para bajar juegos gratis


Another app to download free games on mobile for Android (iOS us puts it a bit more difficult, although not impossible, as you’ll see below). 4shared is an application to download movies for free on pc and mobile, music and all kinds of files, including apps, mobile payment.

Thanks to its powerful search engine you can find the files .apk (extension, mobile applications) and install them directly on your mobile. Tread with care, because it is possible that you will find malware in these content, so make sure to pass the anti-virus before you install anything. I Evítate dislikes!

Apk en torrent para 4shared

App of the Day Free

And again the marcianito verde we leave to enjoy paid apps for free once in a while. There are several but we stayed with, who have designed the creators of Appturbo, “Free App of the Day”.

With this application you will enjoy everything on our phone. Yes, we have no choice and it is one per day. Thanks to this application you can find exclusive deals that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. To give you an idea, the users of the free app of the day have been achieved up to today the following:

  • Bio Inc
  • Criminal Case
  • Helium Voice Changer
  • Emoji Keyboard
  • Camera51
  • Solar Walk

Una app gratis al dia


Buy free paid games Google Play has never been so easy. And is that AppBounty is a tool with which you’ll be able to go to accumulate points and credits by performing different tasks, such as to download apps, test games or watching videos. And how does it work? The answer is very simple. How much more tasks you complete, the more points you earn.

Then, as you accumulate winnings, you’ll be able to redeem credits earned by codes and free gift cards that you can use to buy apps for free for Android or get items, extras of many games, such as for example gems for Clash of Clans or extra money for the Grand Theft Auto.

Also, you can use your gift cards on other platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Netflix, iTunes or Amazon. And if you want to start with 50 points without doing anything, just enter the code “dzsrkejo” the first time you open the app. Tempting, isn’t it?

AppBounty Android

Descargar en Play Store


AppNana is another of the best Android apps rated to get apps and games for free. The operation is very similar to the previous tool, that is to say, they must complete a task to receive points (nanas), and then redeem them for a gift card.

One of the strong points of the app is that it gives 400 nanas everyday just by visiting. Yes, if you do not receive the reward immediately, don’t panic, because usually points take 48 hours to be added to your account.

Finally, we would like to tell you that if you enter the code “a27509072” in the first use you will receive thousands of nannies extra to not have to start from zero. Do you feel like to download it?

AppNana iOS

Descargar en Play Store

How to download free games for iPhone / iPad

IFanBox / vShare (Jailbroken)

Yes, we know that it can give panic to speak of jailbreak, especially if you have a new iPhone and you’ve read that will not cover the warranty if you do. We will demystify the jailbreak on iPhone and to explain how it works and what it really is (and because we talk about it in this article).

Prior to do jailbreak on iPhone, takes precautions, because although it is reversible it can always happen something unexpected: make a backup of EVERYTHING, both files such as the complete system. Before you take the plunge, think that is going to change the performance of your phone as you know until now, so it is possible that you will have to struggle a little to get a good jailbreak. Don’t give up, because the results will open up a world of possibilities.

After you install the jailbreak you’ll be able to access, download and install iOS apps that were not on the App Store and that Apple does not want you to have on your iPhone.

Until relatively recently, IFanBox was only available in chinese and that’s why vShare (and for being the first) was the favorite among the fans of iOS, but thanks to a tweek, we have access to its English version. IFanBox presents a super search engine where we can find payment programs for free and install it on our iPhone without a problem. VShare is very similar, both in searches and in interface, so that the election will depend on your personal taste.

Both serve as a app to download games in iOS. Thus, some example are Modern Combat 4 or real Racing 3, among many others. Bájate juegosgratis en iOS con iFanBox

AppEven (without Jailbreak)

Do not you dare with the Jailbreak? Then we recommend AppEven, a store alternative to the App Store where you can download your favorite games for free, and without any kind of registration.

Yes, you will not need to Jailbreak, but it will be imperative that your iPhone is up to date and running with the latest version of iOS available (minimum iOS 9.0 or higher). Let’s see how it works:

  1. Open Safari from your iPhone and visit the official website of AppEven to download the application.
  2. Tap the option “Download Now”.
  3. After pressing the button, you will open an alert that will ask you if you want to install the app. Click on “install”.
  4. Active permission for the app to become part of the list of trusted applications on the OS. To do this, go to Settings > General > device Management.
  5. Once inside, you’ll see an option called “Kildals Blommor AB” that you must press. Then, in the next window, click on “trust Kilsals Blommor AB“.
  6. Below, you will see a pop-up window with two options, “cancel” or “trust”. You choose the second. Oh and everything is ready!

From here, you’ll be able to open the app on your iPhone and search for any game you want to download it for free. You will not need to do anything more. You can be well quiet, since you’ll have access to apps payment without gimmicks, or limitations.

If we were to put a stick to AppEven, maybe we would like that there appeared an announcement every time we download an app or game, but neither is it something that disturbs in excess. For everything else, we find ourselves before an app is stable, intuitive and with a design more convincing. I try it and let us know what you think!

AppEven iOS

Descargar de la web oficial

Free my Apps

You just need to log in with your account on Facebook and not only can you discover new apps of any operating system, but also, by the mere fact you try them, you will earn discount vouchers and gift cards to Amazon, Google Play or Xbox.

That is to say, it is one of those applications to win money Spain which will allow us to also play exclusively, long before the others. Don’t miss out!

Free my Apps, app para probar juegos y ganar dinero



The operation of this tool is very simple. Available for mobile phones and tablets, you’ll only have to download and try apps to get points. With them we will get money, gift cards for iTunes and Google Play or discounts on Amazon, and Starbucks.

It is an app that will allow us to get the latest fashion games for our Smartphone without having to put a euro in our pocket. In addition, through the binding of a guest, any known of yours who will download the application you will get your reward. What are you waiting for then? I download FeaturePoints with your friends and all go out winning!

Consigue puntos y empléalos en tus juegos favoritos

Cash for Apps

If you want to get a gift card to download paid games iOS faster than any other application, without any doubt, you should download Cash for Apps. The gains are more than generous: for every 300 points you earn, you will earn 1$.

Thus, by completing certain tasks and calling apps on the iPhone or iPad, you will get points which you can then redeem for a gift card that you can use to buy in iTunes, either free music or items of payment for different games and applications.

Download is completely free and you can get extra points by entering the code “17f9483” when you start the application. If you want quick and easy money to buy games, Cash for Apps is what you wanted.

CFA Recompensas iOS

Descargar para iOS

Download games for free via PC/Mac

If you are looking for an alternative to the apps above, another way to get free games for iOS and Android is to download the file to your computer and transfer it subsequently to the mobile. To do this, there are a variety of programs and methods, all of them equally effective and that will allow you to have the latest news in video games for the mobile market. These are:


Do you want to transfer files to the mobile from your PC or Mac without the hassle of having to use a cable? This is what you get Airdrop, an app download free games for Android that uses the Wifi network to perform all kinds of tasks from your computer, such as the importation of apps and files -utility that will install the games to the mobile – or the management of folders from Android. Let’s see how it works:

  1. Download and install Airdroid on your mobile.
  2. Once you have Aidroid installed, abréla on your Smartphone and go to the tab “Connection”. It will provide you with a IP or WEB address, which you must enter in the browser of your computer.
  3. After the insertion of the code, it will open a tab in the mobile and ask you if you want to accept the connection. By accepting, SmartPhone and computer will be connected under the same Wifi network and it will open a platform of tools Airdroid in your web browser.
  4. Matter the game on the platform. Finally, you’ll need to access the tool “apps” in the browser and import the file .apk from the folders of your PC or Mac. Wait a few seconds and you will already have the app installed on your Android phone.

As you can see, the procedure for the import of files .apk is very fast and does not present any complication beyond to link the mobile with the computer. Now, be sure to use the app only from home, because if you make the link using a public network we will run the risk that any person can access our data.

Under our point of view, Aidroid worth since it offers you a number of essential tools into a single application (management of contacts, apps, photos, music, calls…) and allows you to transfer files in a same network without limit and without having to invest a single euro. It will amaze you!

AirDroid Acceso Remoto Android

Descargar en Play Store


With more than 100 million users, MoboPlay is an online platform where you can download paid games totally for free for iOS and Android with the great advantage of not having to make a prior registration, an indispensable requirement in the mobile stores App Store and Google Play.

Now, MoboPlay is not a simple download manager, but it is a powerful PC software that has an endless number of tools to control the SmartPhone from the computer: backup and restore, import and export of files, management of storage or cleaning of the device, among others.

But without a doubt, the feature that most interests us of MoboPlay in this case is the import and installation of apps downloaded on its app store, a functionality with which we can install paid games for free on iPhone and Android phones. You’ll just have to choose the one that interests you and install it directly from your computer without having to go through the mobile.

The synchronization between mobile and computer can be done by USB cable -MoboPlay recognize the phone the second you connect to the computer – or through a Wifi network common. This last option is only available for Android and requires installation of an app on the mobile. You can check out the tutorial MoboPlay to configure the Wifi connection.

Finally, you must keep in mind that to use the desktop version of MoboPlay requires a Windows pc -no Mac version for the moment – and, from this, you’ll be able to manage both iOS as Android. On their website you will find the PC version and the app for Android for free. It will blow your mind away with its extensive collection of games!

MoboPlay PC

Descargar de la web oficial

iFunbox + iPhonecake

iFunbox is a program exclusively for iPhone -not to be confused with the already mentioned IFanBox – that has been designed as an alternative to iTunes to manage any iOS device from the computer. And is that among its functions, also you can download paid games for free and install it on the mobile.

The software allows the setup of games in the format .ipa, which can be found in numerous platforms and websites, including iPhonecake. All of this without going through a Jailbreak. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and install iFunBox on your Windows or Mac.
  2. Visit the website of iPhonecake and search for the application. The application can be stored in the computer for direct download. We recommend you create a folder, downloads of files .ipa in a location that will be easy to find.
  3. Start iFunBox and connect your iPhone or iPad by USB. The program does not work with Wifi.
  4. Once the device has been recognized, click on “Install App” and select the downloaded game. The installation can be performed in less than half a minute, at which time a message will appear telling you that the process has been completed.

The great advantage of iFunBox is that the applications can be downloaded directly from the web, avoiding the problems that give other apps with processes more cumbersome. But this is not everything, but you will also benefit from other functions such as the import and export of files, performing manual backups or storage of documents.

One thing to keep in mind is that the program displays advertisements, something that can annoy most of user, but it more than compensates for the fact that it is totally free. In his official website you’ll find two versions, one for Mac and one for Windows, which despite having a different interface, offer the same benefits.

In summary, if you want an alternative to iTunes and you want to enjoy many more games and apps that until now, iFunBox is a tool that will squeeze to the maximum the possibilities of your iPhone. Get with it!iFunBox para iOS

Descargar de la web oficial

Install Android games with a program to scan files

A third way to download paid games for free on Android is by using a program for managing files directly from the mobile, which will allow you to a file .apk works without problems. This is the procedure to follow:

  1. Go to a games web Android app from the native browser of the OS and download the file in format .apk. Some trusted sites are, or In the download you’ll get two files, the .apk and the data file.
  2. Tap the file .apk and start installation. This step still will not let you boot the game.
  3. Extract the data file with a file manager program. In Tuapppara we recommend ES File Explorer (we’ll leave you with the link below).
  4. After the extraction, the program will show you the “data” folder. If the data come in the format OBB, you’ll have to move the data to the folder “obb”.
  5. Finally, only you have to do is open the game and start playing. Keep in mind that if you uninstall the game downloaded will also be deleted in the data file.

Administrador archivos apk Android

Descargar en Play Store

And you, do you know any other app to iOS or Android, or computer program to download games for free? Do you play with your phone? What are your favorites?

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