Do Google’s new wallpapers include an Android P name hint?

  • Google shared half-a-dozen Spring-themed wallpapers on its Instagram account.
  • One of the wallpapers is a collage of Popsicles. Is that a hint of what the Android P name will eventually be?

The Android P developer’s preview ^( gave us our first look at the new features in the next iteration of the Android operating system. But what the preview didn’t clarify is what the “P” will stand for this time around. Pie? Pancake? Pop Tart? Parfait?

Google ^( may have dropped a big hint today when it shared six colorful, Spring-themed wallpapers on its Instagram account ^( One depicts a bunch of kites flying around; another shows a woman with a big hat riding a bicycle with her little dog.

But one of the wallpapers is a collage of Popsicles. Android Popsicle, anyone?

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Traditionally, Google is not the type of company to drop hints that blatant and direct when it comes to Android version names. With that in mind, it seems unlikely that this is a way of Google saying, “Hey, Android P is going to be Android Popsicle.”

However, the company sharing this wallpaper could be a hint that we should cross Android Popsicle off the list of potential names. After all, if it’s sharing this wallpaper, and it’s not a hint that the name will be Popsicle, then that only can mean that it’s a hint that the name will not be Popsicle, right?

Believe it or not, Popsicle is a trademarked product name ^(, owned by Unilever. Google used KitKat ^( and Oreo ^( for its Android naming scheme, which are both trademarked, so clearly there’s precedent for Popsicle to be the possible name. But Google would never be this direct. Would it?

Regardless, you can download the wallpapers Google shared by clicking here ^( to visit a Google Drive page. You can preview the images by clicking on the gallery below.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what you think of this Popsicle stuff!

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