Doom: Annihilation, which definitely won’t be excellent, unleashes hell on earth on October 1

Doom: Annihilation, which definitely won't be good, unleashes hell on earth on October 1 screenshot

It’s with a heavy middle that I am obligated to tell you the straight-to-video Doom: Annihilation has now not been canceled. Things had been eager for a minute when it was once behind schedule to make stronger the CGI results. But, alas, it’s freeing within the close to long run.

Universal Pictures introduced nowadays that Doom: Annihilation is slated for October 1, 2019. Bypassing the silver display screen altogether (as maximum excellent movies do), it is launching on Blu-Ray in order that viewing audiences can be disillusioned within the relative convenience of their very own properties. Also, the field artwork appears to be like similar to the large dumb rabbit monster from Donnie Darko: