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dreamica Dreamica v1.0.6 Mod Apk Apps

Dreamica v1.0.6 Mod Apk Have you ever ever been trapped in a dream? Two youngsters – Dakini and Damarion – have the misfortune of experiencing simply that. Their dream is haunted via a horrible ghost. All the way through their break out, they go back and forth and collapse the inner most chasm conceivable – one which spans dimensions!

Thankfully, the great wizard, Walmond, inspires a mystical, bubble-like defend round them. It helps to keep them protected from the horrors of the nightmare, however additionally it is fragile and simply popped. Walmond virtually used up all of his energy with this kind of tough spell, although, so he must relaxation awhile and will’t lend a hand youngsters any further. To save lots of them, it’s as much as you to lead them thru darkish forests, murky swamps, and different bad, magical, and dreamy puts. The trail might not be simple. Sharpen your reflexes and get ready your arms; the adventure from nightmare to stunning dream is solely starting!

Dreamica isn’t just an abnormal countless runner. It provides a novel gaming enjoy for kids and adults similarly!


– complements your reflexes
– random, however artful impediment technology
– draw any form you want
– stunning graphics
– superior song
– consistent risk
– compete in opposition to different dreamers and declare the primary position in a top ranking desk
– many achievements to acquire
– virtually countless gameplay
– lovable quick versed creation tale film

What did other folks say about Dreamica:

It used to be amusing contributing song for Dreamica. I’ve at all times liked the mix of darkish and beautiful and Dreamica has a perfect stability of simply that.
– Jim Guthrie, Musician (Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, Indie Sport: The film, Planet Coaster…)

I used to be more than happy to compose for Dreamica. The art work is lovely and it influenced the path of the song in an excessively giant approach.
-J. J. Ipsen, Musician

Dreamica – an excessively lovable, dreamy recreation with superior graphics.
– J. Gordulic – Best Programs TV Display

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