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Speed Up your games or app level through DU Speed Booster Apk. The latest version comes with different features and multiple options. Du Speed Booster Android Apk is popular memory cleaner free to download for android mobiles and tablets. It is comfortable for both mobiles and tablets.
DU Speed Booster APk is best among android optimizer apps. Its features added with antivirus and android optimizer too. Antivirus features cleanup your junk files and your android mobiles speed will increase upto 60% than before. The junk files and hidden files which are holding large scale of your mobile phone. Before accessing any app or data, the mobile phone/ tablets is reading these files before processing to open and app or game. DU speed booster is best to clean your mobiles junk files and catch files with in a second and you will feel your mobile speed up.
DU Speed Booster hold combine app of android optimizer and virus protection. Cleaning of catch files, junk files and unnecessary file with single swipe is available in this app. Its antivirus features protect your android device from any type of malwars which will hit your android device while you are proceeding to open or install any app or game. The option will let you know about the threat.
You can download this latest apk through the link provided below, the download link is safe and no hidden apps or software are attached in this link. You can easily download through this link, but before proceeding to download let’s have a look about the best features of DU Speed Booster Apk.

Top Features of DU Speed Booster Apk V2.6.7.1

Android users are always thinking about boost their android device and cleaning memory and want to protect apps, games and other important files. Without knowing the features of a cleaning app, you will face to lose your important data. DU Speed Booster Apk will save your time and just a single swipe you will clean your catch files and selected data from your android device. Your favorite apps and data are safe with this Apk.
Keep your android device protected from Trojan files, Viruses and Malwares. You can also pre-set automatic cleanup and trash the files. This will help you to boost your android device speed up to 60% more. Antivirus optimizer helps you to protect your android device from any malware and virus. Keep safe your android device will work in a healthy function.
You can manually adding your installed games through DU Speed Booster Apk and improve your game performance by smart recognition. When your device speed will increase, you can easily clear the game task to move next levels. Your android performance will increase your game performance and experience.
Sometime when installing an app or game there are more hidden apps will automatically beign installed in your android device. Some of these apps are unwanted apps. These apps are holding large scale memory of your android phone. Through DU speed Booster Apk you will freeze all unwanted apps and other software and you will install only the apps you want to install.
DU Speed Booster apps manager help you move or transfer your apps from your android phone to SD Card. Sometime your android device holding huge scale of your phone memory and your android speed will go down, therefore you need to free up space in your mobile phone. Through this Apk file you can easily move your installed apps and game as well as your important data from mobile to SD card and keep free space in your mobile memory.

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Version: Android O/S: 2.3+ Developers: DU Apps Updated: 19-10-2017 Size: 11.80MB Installation: 100,200K Rated: 4.5+ Stars Contact: feedback@duapps.com Website: http://www.duapps.com

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