eBay Now Authenticates Luxury Watches On Its Platform

There is obviously an appeal in buying things in real-life at a store, in which you get to see and touch what you’re buying before buying it. It also helps prevent scams, at least for the most. This is versus online where you only have photos to look at, in which you sometimes have to take a chance and hope you don’t get cheated.

Now eBay is home to all kinds of products, such as luxury watches where you can sometimes actually find a pretty good deal. Of course given how much these products cost, it’s not surprising that there are some looking to scam others out of their money, but not anymore because eBay will now be verifying/authenticating luxury watches to ensure that the buyer is purchasing the real deal.

It will cover a range of luxury brands and sellers who have been verified will receive an “authenticity verified”. This is actually not the first time that eBay has tried to make buying luxury goods on its platform safer. The company had previously launched a handbag program which took a 20% cut, but it is unclear how much they will be taking from sellers who wish to be verified.

Will this new initiative work? That remains to be seen, but we’re sure that there will be online sellers and buyers who might be able to appreciate this new feature. If you’d like to check out some of the watches available, head on over to eBay’s website for the listings.

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