Eindhoven is experimenting with 5G

In the second half of this year the municipality of Eindhoven together with Vodafone, Ziggo and Ericsson with an experiment with 5G. On a number of test sites is 5G offered via the 3.5 gigahertz frequency.


This frequency is still used by intelligence agencies to communications to listen to.
Residents, institutions and businesses can take advantage of 5G for all kinds of applications where use of the higher speed and faster response time (lower *latency)
* Latency is a time interval between the stimulation and response

Football matches

One of the projects which are being worked on, is Connected, with Ambulances’. It need fast internet to be used during an ambulance ride on a 5G connection remote assistance to offer.

In addition to Eindhoven 5G also apply at the Philips Stadium.

With the help of a 5G-360-gradencamera can people at home determine what field of view they are the competition to watch. They can, for example, choose to virtual in addition to the substitutes in the dug-out to take place.

Preparations for 5G

Worldwide are, at this moment, preparations for the construction of 5G networks, the successors of the 4G networks that are now used for fast mobile internet. Also, all of the first smartphones with 5G released, among others, by Huawei.

(Source: bright.nl)

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