The Samsung Galaxy S9 already waiting for the beta for Android 9.0 Foot in Europe

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Until now we had only evidence of beta for Android 9.0 Foot for the Galaxy S9 in the united States. Is this country, along with South Korea, which have betas of the new system first. Today we have good news if you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ and want to upgrade as soon as possible to Android 9.0 Foot. Thanks to the leaks we know that the company also is preparing a beta for our continent. Yes, there will be that expect something more than the residents of the USA. For the american country it is expected that the beta comes out, so that within a few days we might see some units of Galaxy S9 running Android Foot.

Europe is always a region that it takes a little longer to receive the updates from Samsung, mainly due to the change of hardware versions. The Galaxy S9 american account with a processor Qualcomm, while in Europe we enjoy a model with a Exynos processor. The differences in performance are hardly noticeable, although Samsung should be able to compile two different versions of the operating system.

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Soon, you can update your Galaxy S9 to Android 9 in beta phase

Updates beta take a few years by fashion manufacturers around the world. It is a good way to try before you the news and help the brand to report errors. Many of these errors do not occur until the system is installed in tens of thousands of phones, so this is something very interesting for brands from all over the world. Samsung will begin with the united States and will continue with other countries around the world.

Spain is one of the territories that they expect that update in a short span of time. We cannot be sure of anything, but usually the beta usually takes about a month to arrive to Europe. There is nothing for sure and it all depends on the problems that can give the Android Standing in the Galaxy S9 with Qualcomm.

In addition to the new operating system we happen to see what’s new in the layer of Samsung. We have already been able to to take a look at some of them, but we still have much to learn from the partnership between Samsung and Android 9.0 Foot.

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