“Error Overlay screen-detected”: what it is and how to fix it

One of the messages that most usually appears as an error in Android-devices, is the assumption of screen-detected. Surely you’re wondering: what is this problem and why it is impacting me the mobile?

Don’t worry, below we’ll explain why it happens this annoying error message in your Android device and how you can easily fix this.

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What is the screen overlay

As we had mentioned, the “overlap of screen-detected” is a message of an error that happens on several Android devices, after having recently installed an app that requires certain permissions and access.

This is due to using a float application (like Facebook Messenger) on the same and a conflict is generated. When a float application does not have the necessary permissions, this message will appear on your screen of mobile.

The error usually occurs on phones with Android operating system as it is Xiaomi, LG, Sony Xperia or Alcatel Pixi, but the most affected are Samsung and Motorola. All of these with Android Marshmallow in the future, as it is a reading problem between applications.

We know it can be an annoying message. However, the operating system does that for your safety, as many of these apps floating, they may actually be malicious applications.

For this reason, you need to be very aware of what type of applications you’re downloading. If you have recently downloaded an app and you see the message “overlay of screen-detected”, it may be a malicious application.

How to disable screen overlay: the definitive solution

Fortunately, this is a problem of Android very simple to solve without so many steps cumbersome. We will give you a range of alternatives for you to go testing which of these will work to remove that message.

superposición de pantalla huawei p8 lite

Remove permissions to “Write over other applications”

A way to delete this message of our display is looking for the option to“Write over other apps” or “Applications that can be displayed in the beginning”, depending on your brand and model of mobile.

To locate this option, follow these steps:

  • Go to the main menu of the mobile phone and search the app Settings or Configuration, with an icon of a gear. Let’s go to the section of Applications, there we shall enter in Settings
  • Scrolleamos until you find a section called Special Access or Advanced Options, and once there, you will see the option to Write on other applications.
  • You will see a list of all the applications available in your mobile using this function float. Check out which of these you has been causing problems and uncheck.
  • Re-enable this option to have the os re-ask for permissions once you start it again.

If after doing all this you’re still having problems, you can try disabling and enabling again each of the applications. Also, check with care, since this error can be caused by more than a single app.

Enable all permissions to the app

Another alternative in this case is to make the opposite case. As you have an app that we are entering into conflict for the lack of permits, we can cedérselos. How do you do it in this case?

  • Go to the main screen and look for the application Settings or Adjustments.
  • Enter and scroll down to the section of
  • Once there, select the icon of the gear that is being Advanced. Go to the section Application Permissions.
  • Find the application that is generating problems and enabled to give all the permissions it needs to operate.
  • Restart the phone.

And you are done! You should not have any more problems of conflict between applications.

Uninstall the application that makes a conflict

The last alternative in the case of that I have NOT been able to avoid remove the message after trying these methods, it is by uninstalling the application or floating, in his default, the app with which it conflicts.

This alternative is an option for more extreme cases, in which the message is to avoid that it can be used in other applications such as WhatsApp, web browsers, file explorer, contacts, etc

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