Scams Wallapop: the common scams of the platform

Wallapop ^( has become one of the best alternatives that exist in Spain at the time of purchase second-hand items ^( at a low price. However, this popular platform can also become a nightmare if you don’t know the common scams.

But don’t worry, here in TuAppPara you explain what are the most frequent scams and how you can prevent that you do an. Learn with us to pass not for a moment unpleasant!

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Tips to prevent scams

The first thing that we must keep in mind to prevent the famous scams in Wallapop is the security. And this ranges from those who we give our contact details as well as what kind of sellers or buyers are in line. Below, we’ll give you a few tips that you can put into practice and how to know if you are cheating on the internet.

  • Don’t give too much information: Only provide the information required to finalize your purchases and/or sales on the platform. The scammers have the particular tendency to ask you for bank account data, for example, as well as pre-payments or external to the platform Wallapop.
  • Careful with the prices: On occasion, there are users that sell a cheap product at an extremely low price. Or there is also the case of those who buy a product and pay it, thinking that they will receive it and it is not what they expect. If a value seems suspicious to you, it is better not to buy it.
  • Eye with the seller: If prior to finalize a purchase by Wallapop you do not feel safe enough seller, it’s better to study a little before. Check out the comments on your previous sales and if you see something suspicious, find another one. The comments of other buyers will be able to help you more in this.
  • Ask for real samples: sometimes you get sellers who are trying to sell you something that is not real. How to make sure that it is true? Ask for photos of the product in question and review the details.
  • Ask questions: Another of the advantages of Wallapop is the possibility that you will be able to ask questions of the vendors. You have all that you consider necessary on the item you buy and its current status.
  • Never pay outside of the platform: Wallapop has a system that ensures all of your purchases in case they are carried out within Wallapop and there is a problem. However, if a particular seller to another thing on the outside, this does not apply to you.

The scam nigerian

One of the scams most classic of Vibbo and Ebay has started to appear on Wallapop with a lot of force. This is the scam a nigerian, a method of scam, which now comes time taking more victims on the internet. It is a type of scam where the most affected are sellers of Wallapop, so that attention.

This scam is frequently seen in sellers for new or those who are selling items of considerable value. In the first place, a person to contact by the platform giving a name, saying that it is from Nigeria, and expressing its interest for your article.

Then I ask for your contact number, ideally WhatsApp to communicate out to you of the platform. Here is where you must begin to suspect, because the policies of Wallapop specify that you must not communicate with other users outside of the platform.

The majority of older people can fall into this method, by sending information to the scammer on the product they are selling. You are convinced to supply your contact details as well as the number of your bank for allegedly giving a bank transfer that never was.

Careful with your mail, because you will notices to the email that the alleged transfer was made. And that, otherwise, not to do the shipping, we will take legal action against your person. So, if you find yourself with these features, it will block that user!

Careful with transfers

Typically with this scam nigerian, comes the question: who pays the shipping costs? Whenever the affected party or the victim is usually the one who pays for this expenditure. But we say surely “I made a bank deposit and I cheated”.

In that case, you can appeal to the authorities for the scam, but it is important that you get in contact with the post to stop the package. In the same way, it is important to make the complaint about the emails that I threaten, but if you want to stop receiving them, you can mark them as spam and nothing happens.

Anyway, please remember that bank transfers normally do not offer any kind of warranty then of of transactions. That is why we insist that you do not engage in anything that is outside of the platform.

PayPal “friend”

One of the most common forms of pay in Wallapop is through PayPal. And usually there is no problem, as long as the account you’re transferring business online. If, however, there are other methods to run scams on Wallapop through PayPal.

The vendors will ask you to please send the money of the item that you are paying to the PayPal account of a relative or friend. According to this, they would save the commission the platform, but nothing more alien to the reality, since PayPal charges this fee in all types of transactions.

Defective product

Another of the common scams that you will find in Wallapop also has to do with PayPal or the Payment system of Wallapop sellers called a Chargeback scam. In this mode, is that PayPal allow the buyer to return what was purchased, leading to the return of the money.

But not only are staying here, because the scammer will return a totally different product and asked them, staying so much with money as with the article. The same thing will happen with Wallapop Protect. Therefore, you must be careful.


Viruses have always been the order of the day, and Wallapop unfortunately does not escape from it. There is a new one that is being introduced on the platform, in the form of a web link and that brings you to a fraudulent application.

The virus consists of a message from a potential buyer that has been sent, but you will see that supposedly the chat has been blocked, so you have to download another app (they leave you the link). Why so many have fallen? This scam has the peculiarity of being visually identical to Wallapop.

It is important to highlight that the platform will never be asked to go to external links or to install an app external to of the same.

How can I report a scam: I have been cheated

If unfortunately you have been scammed, here we tell you how to report a user of the platform, as well as to denounce the product you tried to sell. Pay attention and follow the following steps:

First of all, you need to report fraud in Wallapop, providing you the platform, all the data referring to the crime and to the user, to take action against him. In this way, they will block the user, and will be provided information concerning the same.

In this case, it is ideal that you contact by phone customer care Wallapop to be able to deliver the information more quickly. After that, you can go directly to the police to report the person and make the claim of what happened.

It is very important to collect as much information as possible during the scam, and you present it to the authorities: from messages to WhatsApp to emails, telephone numbers, or account, and more.

You can make the complaint via telephone to the police by calling the telephone number 902 102 112 or through its website by filling out the form.

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