EXTRA!!! MT Manager 2 v2.4.2Android APK FULL MODDDED

EXTRA!!! MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2Android APK FULL MODDDED

MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2
FULL FILES MODDED MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2 > MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2 ## MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2 %#MOD#% MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2 #### MT Supervisor 2 v2.4.2 4.0+
Review: Supervisor for Android units.


– Portrait mode (panorama handiest in puts)
– FTP shopper
– Viewing the java code of the VIP
– Make stronger for keystore and jks VIP signatures
– Seek Historical past
– Seek in XML recordsdata
– Seek by means of ID in arsc
– Make stronger for a number of dictionaries within the translator (UTF-8 with out BOM) VIP
– Casting off and including localizations
– Speedy switch of distinctive strings to the specified localization
– Batch operations (delete, reproduction, transfer, rename)
– APK Signature (disabled by means of default)
– Cloning of APKs
– Optimizing APK
– APK Encryption
– Making a backup (.bak)
– Handy colour exchange in arsc
– Present Activation Checklist
– Far off get entry to by way of WiFi
– Decompilation / Compiling XML VIP (for a loose 200-line prohibit)
– Editor ARSC
– DEX Editor
– Repair VIP recordsdata DEX
– Textual content editor with syntax highlighting
– Comparability of textual content recordsdata as much as 500 kb
– View fonts (.ttf)
– Executing scripts
– Running with RAR (opening / unpacking)
– Paintings with ZIP (compression / unpacking)
– Multi-choice
– View / edit / delete / upload categories, strategies, domain names, everlasting
– Baidu Translator
– Translator Yandex and Google VIP


– Added automated copying of decided on textual content within the seek field (spotlight textual content> click on seek)
– Fastened xml decompiler for recordsdata compiled within the new model of Android Studio (aapt2)
– Added a transition to some other magnificence in smali (Lcom / instance / xxx) within the dex editor +
– Added the quest choice “Precise fit” within the dex editor +
– Added different seek varieties within the dex + editor
– Added new icons for xml, dex, arsc, pdf, sh, jks, keystore
– Added automated addition of permission feedback when decompiling AndroidManifest.xml
– Added improve for disposing of signature verification from .DSA
– Fastened hex seek in xml, when the entered worth is larger than 7FFFFFFF
– Fastened seek within the dex ++ Editor when some values ​​may just now not be discovered
– Fastened compilation xml, when the textual content on the finish is closed by means of the tag
– Fastened opening of the translator mode for Baidu Cell Guard

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