Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Fully Rolling Out in ‘Coming Weeks’

Over the weekend, it used to be came upon that Facebook had hidden a “Dark Mode” toggle in the newest model of FaceBook Messenger.

On Monday Facebook showed the discharge of the hidden function but additionally promised a complete roll out in the “coming weeks.”

Dark mode in Facebook Messenger will also be enabled by way of sending a crescent moon emoji in Messenger. Facebook describes the method as “Simply ship a crescent moon emoji – 🌙 – in any Messenger chat to liberate the atmosphere and recommended to activate darkish mode.” That stated, many have discovered they are going to want to power surrender Messenger and even reinstall it for the Dark mode to turn on. There’s been no phrase on a gloomy mode coming to Facebook correct.

Facebook additionally demonstrates that you’ll be able to beef up the glance of your chats by way of tapping at the title, and deciding on a customized colour or gradient.

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