Filtering the next mobile fold Samsung: screen out as the Matte X

The current battle of the mobile folding the leads Huawei. The mobile phone presented at the MWC in Barcelona left us all with the mouth open. Surpassed in design to the Galaxy Fold Samsung, a terminal that had been submitted days before. Both opt for a flexible display and a folding design, although in a different way. A few days ago to let you know that Samsung is thinking of launching two new mobile folding and that one of them could arrive in 2020. Now, thanks to a patent of the company itself, we can know the possible design of the second mobile fold Samsung.

In the Galaxy Fold the company bet on two screens, being flexible, it bends toward the inside. In the case of the Mate X of Huawei is to the contrary, so you don’t need two screens, just one that folds out. This is the system that Samsung could implement in your next Galaxy folding. What Galaxy Fold 2? It is too soon to tell!

This is the patent that Samsung has released for its next folding

It is important to emphasize that this news is based on a patent, so that it is not content created by a third party. The company has issued this patent in the official register, and let us see how will be your next device with flip design. It is also important to say that a patent simply shows the design that a brand has been registered and not official release. That is to say, Samsung has been able to patent this design to cover all your bases, but you may not have thought to launch a mobile as well.

It is very curious to see the design, as this has a flexible screen that folds out. The terminal would only have a screen and it is possible for a smaller size. We still don’t know how many inches would the screen unfolded, but what is more likely is that Samsung will opt for a size of conventional mobile. That is to say, the expanded panel would have a 6 or 6.5 inches.

In the back you can see a system to keep the screen completely flat when the terminal is unfolded. It is possible that this system will be the key of the patent, and not both the mobile phone foldable. It is very soon to know more details, so that will have to wait. The leaks suggest that the second mobile folding of the company could reach to the end of 2020.

Source | PhoneArena

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