Final Fantasy XIV’s next major update features at least one original Final Fantasy boss

Final Fantasy XIV's next major update features at least one original Final Fantasy boss screenshot

Final Fantasy XIV continues to be trucking with its Stormblood growth storyline, which is able to proceed another time with patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet. It’s all the way down to the twine however we have now slightly additional information at the huge upcoming update, maximum significantly the truth that it will release on September 18.

It’ll recreation two new dungeons, extra Lost Canals of Uznair (treasure dungeon) extensions, new mounts, mannequins on your properties, at least one leaping puzzle, and Chaos (without equal foe from the original Final Fantasymight be featured as a raid boss within the Omega: Alphascape tier.

This is the closing anticipated major raid update outdoor of imaginable Ultimate tiers (for the 1%). After 4.4 Square Enix will most likely tidy the storyline up, and perhaps disclose the next growth all over the Fan Fest Vegas match in November. A trailer for patch 4.4 might be out this week.

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