Firefox Portable (32/64 bit) 52.0.1

Firefox_256 Firefox Portable (32/64 bit) 52.0.1 Apps

“The texture is rather slower than Chrome or Opera, however no longer sufficient that it will have to aggravate you. It makes use of fewer sources than Chrome or Opera, spawning just a unmarried procedure, and the usage of simplest 510MB of reminiscence. Best the super-thrifty Safari used much less reminiscence.” —Jon L. Jacobi, (Sep 17, 2017 3:32 AM)

“Firefox has upped its recreation, with a really perfect new glance, speedy efficiency, creative navigation options, and leading edge Internet applied sciences.” —Michael Muchmore,

“Do not perceive why it crashes so steadily.” —funshinebear12 (a consumer), (April 26, 2017)

Mozilla Firefox is a quick, full-featured Internet browser. Firefox contains pop-up blocking off, tab-browsing, built-in Google seek, simplified privateness controls, a streamlined browser window that displays you extra of the web page than some other browser and a variety of further options that paintings with you that will help you get essentially the most from your time on-line.

FirefoxPortable_52.0.1_English.paf ^(
Dimension: 115 MB (120,676,352 bytes) Packed Dimension: 53.9 MB (56,537,088 bytes)
MD5: F16824A2CC39EBCBD8C1BD0A6DAA8697

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MD5: AC14D7E34F1E256A2F1B3F442447A20B

sflogo Firefox Portable (32/64 bit) 52.0.1 Apps ^(

Portable plugins

  • Flash Participant plugin is integrated, however in case you wish to have to replace your moveable plugins: Flash Participant ^(, Java/JRE ^(, Silverlight ^(
  • Extra within the assist.htm…

Browsers with NPAPI plugins make stronger

  • Firefox can be *plugin-less* within the close to long run—and that suggests Flash participant can also be changed with Internet same old—learn extra about it right here: NPAPI Plugins in Firefox ^(
  •  Since model 52: 
    • 32-bit: Flash participant—untick “Permit Adobe Flash safe mode” to permit.
    • 64-bit: Flash participant.
    • All different NPAPI sort plugins are disabled: Why do Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat and different plugins now not paintings? ^(
  •  Since model 46: 
    • 32-bit: Flash participant—untick “Permit Adobe Flash safe mode” to permit. Java and Silverlight paintings.
    • 64-bit: No Java. Flash and Silverlight paintings.
  • Use pcxFirefox ^( (32/64 bit), Waterfox ^( (64 bit) if you wish to have all NPAPI plugins to paintings.

Portability Notes

  • Firefox writes to Home windows registry and knowledge folder whilst working.
  • Flash participant, Silverlight, and Java write to Home windows registry and knowledge folders whilst working.
  • Be sure that it exits cleanly prior to plugging out your thumbdrive.

Concerning the Writer

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