Fishing Simulator Fish Places & Hotspots

Fishing Simulator Fish locations

Fishing Simulator Fish Spaces & Hotspots is a handbook anywhere we give you the spot of every person fish within the sport, and the best extremely sizzling spots

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Fishing Simulator Fish – Spaces

Port Jackson

In Port Jackson you’ll be able to fish Trout, Butterband Fish, Bluefin Tuna and likewise Swordfish

  • Trout = Prevalent
  • Butterband Fish = Strange
  • Bluefin Tuna = Unusual
  • Swordfish = Well-known


In Port Jackson you’ll be able to fish Napoleon Fish, Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Marlin, Rainbow Parrot Fish and likewise Sunfish

  • Napoleon Fish = Not unusual
  • Angel Fish = Unusual
  • Clown Fish = Strange
  • Marlin = Epic
  • Rainbow Parrot Fish = Well-known
  • Sunfish = Mythic

Eruption Island

In Eruption Island you’ll be able to fish Carp, Smallmouth Yellowfish, Yellow Snook, Vital Trout, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, and likewise Steelhead

  • Carp = Common
  • Smallmouth Yellowfish = standard
  • Yellow Snook = Strange
  • Large Trout = Unprecedented
  • Bluegill = Strange
  • Largemouth Bass = Uncommon
  • Steelhead = Epic

Volcano Lava

In Volcano Lava you’ll be able to fish Magma Trout, Magma Large Mouth Bass, and likewise Magma Swordfish

  • Magma Trout = Fashionable
  • The Magma Large Mouth Bass = Strange
  • Magma Swordfish = Well-known

Shadow Isles

In Shadow Isles you’ll be able to fish Acadian Crimson Fish, Tarpon, Suwanne Bass, Baracuda, and likewise Snapper

  • Acadian Red Fish = Fashionable
  • Tarpon = Unusual
  • Suwanne Bass = Strange
  • Baracuda = Epic
  • Snapper = Mythical

Mythic Cave

In Mythic Cave you’ll be able to fish Mini Mahi, Shadow Swordfish, and likewise Blue Fish

  • Mini Mahi = Prevalent
  • Shadow Swordfish = Strange
  • Blue Fish = Mythic

Fishing Simulator Fish – Best Mythic Sizzling Spots

On this video, RazorFishGaming, unearths us the easiest Mythic Fish Sizzling Spots. The most efficient spots to fish the rarest fish of the sport, the Legendary Blue Fish or the Mythical Sunfish:

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