Five Tips For Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery To Keep The Magic Flowing

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a free to play game with three types of in game currency, that are designed to slow down progress to incentivize spending money. It’s a tried and true method on the App Store, but you don’t have to let the system prevent you from playing the game. Here are five tips to keep the magic flowing through the intriguing Harry Potter world and storyline of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

1.) Patience

It’s easier said than done, but patience is essential for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. As you complete sections of the story, you will often need to wait multiple hours for the next section to open up, unless you spend the premium currency. There are training lessons for different school subjects to complete while you’re waiting. The catch is that everything you do costs energy, and once your meter is deleted, you need to wait once again. If you don’t want to spend money, then patience is the key skill to play this game.

The game delivers the classic hurry up and wait idea as you jump in, play for just a couple of minutes, and then you can’t do anything unless you wait or pay. The more you play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, the more you realize that it’s similar to a simulation building game like Tiny Tower. Once you have that mindset, it’s easy to get into the routine of just playing for a few minutes a couple of times a day. Since we all have busy lives, with plenty else to do on an iOS device, you’re never really missing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

2.) Notifications

You don’t need to think about the game in your spare time, because you only really need to check it when a notification comes in. The game lets you know when your energy meter is filled, so you can jump right in after that notification to start playing a little bit more. There are also notifications for when a lesson is ending or a new part of the story unlocks. As long as you have notifications enabled, it’s easy to forget about the game, and not miss a thing until the game is ready for you to do something.

3.) Be Selective

The majority of the game revolves around tapping on blue highlighted items to spend energy, perform tasks, and progress through a star based scoring system. Each of these tasks requires a different amount of energy, so your best bet is to be selective. One task might be to stir ingredients for two energy, while another task could be to take notes for five energy. It’s best to aim for the two energy task in that scenario to make sure your energy meter goes that much further. The star based progression system is more dependent upon tasks completed as compared to energy spent, so try to get the best bang for your energy buck. You can tap on a task to see how much energy it requires, and then tap away on to another task, so you can always be selective.

4.) Balance Your Rewards

Your character has three skills in the form of courage, empathy, and knowledge. As you complete tasks, you get a choice of three potential upgrades. It could be one of your skills, coins, gems, energy, etc. Try to pick one of courage, empathy, or knowledge, and then try to balance the highest tally with your current lowest level. You want to be balanced in these three areas to handle specific tasks, spells, duels, and missions down the road. The coin, gem, and energy choices rarely offer more value than leveling up your character’s abilities.

5.) Time For Energy

Many of the classroom lessons in the game let you pick the duration between one, three, and eight hours. You can earn more stars for a longer duration, but that will also entail spending more energy. Many of the lessons in the game require five stars to then unlock the next part of the story. The eight hour missions can give you five stars, but you will have to check in multiple times during that eight hour period. The one hour session can give you two stars, but if you need five stars, you will have to do another lesson to earn more stars. Always balance your time towards the longest session, as it will require less replay, and push the story forward.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery isn’t a perfect game, and it will take awhile to play through, even with these tips. Hopefully though, these tips can keep you from being frustrated, or end up racking up a huge iTunes bill.

Author: Marshmallow

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