GAMUT | PARAMETERS – Manage Family Parameters in Libraries in Batch

From the SPECtrumBIM website:

Uniquely designed to aid in parameter management tasks that are just too complex to be done manually, GAMUT | PARAMETERS can be employed to change specific family parameters, or add parameters to an entire library. GAMUT | PARAMETERS can be used to update, delete and deploy parameters in batches, or export SP files. GAMUT | PARAMETERS also features a unique schema tool, which allows you to assign multiple parameters to entire classes of objects.

  • Add, Remove and Replace parameters in families… Both shared and non-shared parameters can be added, removed or replaced with ease.
  • Project Parameters are added in batch… Include all necessary parameters at one time.
  • Schemas speed the process further… Use criteria (Category, Keynote, etc.) to add different parameters to different families in a batch process.
  • Shared Parameter Files can be exported… Parameters and GUIDs create a Revit Shared Parameter File based on the families selected.

GAMUT | PARAMETERS ^( is brought to you by SPECtrumBIM ^( It’s priced at US $15.00/month or $99.00/year.

There’s more information available on the SPECtrumBIM website ^(

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