Google Drive Portable 2.34.5036.4228

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“With interface enhancements and extra options, Google Drive helps to keep getting higher. In reality, it’s nearly indispensable for those who depend on Android or Chrome OS gadgets on your paintings.” —Stuart Andrews, kingdom (22 Feb, 2017)

“…Google Drive is most fitted to these wedded to the Google ecosystem, best truly getting into its personal in case your corporate makes use of Gmail or will depend on Google apps. For individuals who do maximum in their paintings within the conventional Microsoft Place of work apps, it has significantly weaker enchantment… Efficiency is a bit snappier after the preliminary tool sync, however for the ones within the Home windows international, we see few compelling causes to industry OneDrive for Google’s providing.” —Barry Collins, kingdom (24 Mar, 2017)

“We’d no longer counsel the use of Google Drive as a backup carrier as a result of crucial options are amiss equivalent to computerized backups, scheduling or a tight approach to make a choice folders throughout your running gadget. Is Google Drive price it? No doubt, in case your use of the carrier is proscribed. For those who’re backing up massive quantities of knowledge ceaselessly, it’s possible you’ll need to discover different on-line backup answers.” —Mauricio Prinzlau, Cloudwards.internet

Google Drive is a cloud garage and report backup for footage, doctors, and extra.

Measurement: 37.8 MB (39,661,568 bytes) Packed Measurement: 26.0 MB (27,312,128 bytes)
MD5: 53E64132279ECCD11C5BD485FA085544

sflogo Google Drive Portable 2.34.5036.4228 Apps uclogo Google Drive Portable 2.34.5036.4228 Apps

Learn the assist 🙂

  • Please learn the assist.htm first.
  • Someway Google Drive will crash Explorer on each and every first run—a gloomy display with even activity bar long past for some time—however no longer on next get started.
  • When ultimate/exiting, please watch your Activity Supervisor—since it’ll take fairly some time.

Portability Notes

  • Google Drive would not have moveable mode. It retail outlets its settings in Home windows’ registry and information folders whilst working.
  • Ensure that it exits cleanly ahead of plugging out your thumbdrive.
  • You’ll assist by means of sending request to the respectable developer so as to add “moveable mode” to their long run unlock.

Concerning the Writer

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