Google Maps updated their photos with the tab “Explore”

Google Maps can be defined as one of those applications mandatory on all smartphones. An essential tool today that allows each user to access the best way to the place that you want to at all times. Recently we were able to see how Google Maps was relocated to a new design thanks to the incorporation of Material Theme. Now, the application of the big G is still in full process of changes, so I have added a new tab that includes a wealth of new photographs.

The tab “Explore” or “Explore” allows users to discover the latest photos and videos of the place we want to reach. That is to say, a sort of gallery up-to-date on which is shown the actual appearance of the location in question that can greatly facilitate the life of travelers more foresighted.

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Explore, the new photos section of Google Maps

Any seasoned traveller worth their salt wants to get to know a few things before you visit your next destination. Prepare a trip it is essential to take advantage of the maximum time possible, that’s why Google Maps wants to ponérnoslo easier with a new tool. We speak of “Explora”, a tab that displays the media content most recent of the various locations has been uploaded by other travelers. Photos and videos will appear-managed in the map with the purpose of knowing the location and distance to the found of each user. The access to the photo, we can see the date, the place and the number of visualizations of the same, and even save that snapshot safely.

Just slide up the bottom of the screen we will be able to have the “most recent Photos” of the location. Information that is organized according to the geographical point is correct, the tastes of each user or the type of establishment you are looking for. The images reflect each and every one of the places that exist near that location with the purpose of the traveler to get an idea of which is the current appearance of the target.

It should be noted that, for the moment, this option is not available for the whole world. However, it is a matter of days the new feature of Google Maps will appear in all applications. It is not necessary to update or re-install the app, simply wait and begin to “Explore” the world.

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