| Three-D-Published Transformer Disappoints, however Enlightens

Transformers are deceptively easy gadgets. Simply coils of cord sharing a commonplace core, they tempt you into considering you’ll be able to make your individual, and in lots of instances you’ll be able to. However DIY transformers have their limits, as [Great Scott!] realized when he attempted to Three-D-print his personal energy transformer.

To be honest, the majority of the video under has not anything to do with Three-D-printing of transformer coils. The primary section concentrates on construction transformer cores up from scratch with commercially to be had punched metal laminations, in a lot the similar approach that producers do it. Going thru that workout and the calculations it calls for is a brilliant intro to transformer design, and price the cost of admission by myself. With the right kind selection of turns wound onto a bobbin, the laminated E and I items had been woven in combination right into a core, and the ensuing transformer labored just about as anticipated.

The Three-D-printed core used to be every other tale, although. [Great Scott!] published E and I items from the similar iron-infused PLA filament that he used when he Three-D-printed a brushless DC motor. The laminations had nowhere close to the magnetic flux density of the industrial stampings, although, utterly converting the traits of the transformer. His conclusion is {that a} published transformer is not conceivable, a minimum of now not at 50-Hz mains frequency. Published cores would possibly have a spot at RF frequencies, although.

Finally, it wasn’t too sudden a consequence, however the video is a brilliant intro to transformer design. And we at all times admire the “DIY or Purchase” taste movies that [Great Scott!] does, like his home-brew DC inverter or construct vs. purchase lithium-ion battery packs.

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