Podcast 045: Raspberry Pi Worm, Impulsively Growing older Vodka, Raining at the Cloud, and This Wasn’t a Supercon Episode editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams communicate over the past three weeks stuffed with hacks. Our first “again to standard” podcast after Supercon seems to nonetheless have a large number of Supercon references in it. We talk about Raspberry Pi 4’s HDMI interfering with its WiFi, be told the diversities between CoreXY/Delta/Cartesian printers, sip on Whiskey elderly in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, and arrange cloud printing that’s already scheduled for the reducing block. Alongside the best way, you’ll listen hints of what came about at Supercon, from the definitive information to designing LEDs for iron-clad efficiency to the initiatives folks hauled in conjunction with them.

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Episode 045 Display Notes:

New This Week:

  • That’s It, No More European IPV4 Addresses
  • The ESP32, Laid Bare
  • @ 36C3

Fascinating Hacks of the Week:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 HDMI Is Jamming Its Own WiFi
  • Core XY Explained
    • Joshua Vasquez digs into corexy
    • Jubilee: A Toolchanging Homage To 3D Printer Hackers Everywhere
  • Aging Alcohol In 30 Minutes
    • Microbalance Determines Alcohol Content
    • Scientists reveal why whisky tastes better with water
  • Mike Harrison Knows Everything About LEDs
    • RGB LEDs: How To Master Gamma And Hue For Perfect Brightness
    • Buttery Smooth Fades With The Power Of HSV
  • DIY Photo Backup In The Field
    • Little Backup Box: Raspberry Pi-based backup device for photographers
  • Print From The ESP8266, Courtesy Of Google
    • Best Buy’s IoT Goes Dark, Leaving Some “Smart” Products Dumbfounded
    • What happens when the sun sets on a smart product?
    • Red Bricks: Alphabet To Turn Off Revolv’s Lights

Fast Hacks:

  • Mike’s Selections:
    • UNIX Version 0, Running On A PDP-7, In 2020
    • Robot Vs. Superbug
    • Barcaderator Is Coin-Op Arcade Up Top And Kegerator Down Below
  • Elliot’s Selections:
    • Needling Your Projects: 3D Printed PCB Probing Jig Uses Accupuncture Needles
    • Mechanical Seven-Segment Display Mixes Art With Hacking
    • DIY CNC Router Uses Chains The Right Way

Can’t-Pass over Articles:

  • Lessons In Li-Ion Safety
  • Supercon: The Things You Brought, And A Few You Forgot
  • A Fantastic Frontier Of FPGA Flexibility Found In The 2020 Supercon Badge

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