How the new Call of Duty companion app will help you up your game

The Call of Duty Companion app.

  • The Call of Duty Companion App has been released on the Play Store.
  • It offers detailed stat-tracking and heat maps for your gaming sessions.
  • The app is compatible with Call of Duty: WW2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

We’ve had several Call of Duty companion apps over the years, so it should be no surprise to see another one come down the pike. But what makes the imaginatively named Call of Duty Companion App stand out from previous efforts?

Activision is stressing a personalized approach to the app, as it delivers stats for individual weapons, equipment, and loadouts. In a rather cool touch, the app will also deliver heat maps to track bullets and movement in a match. All of this data is then used to serve up personalized recommendations to improve your skills. 

The Call of Duty Companion App also serves up the usual social integration, letting you keep tabs on your friends’ accomplishments. This is taken a step further by letting you form a squad with 20 other friends, completing weekly challenges as a group in order to earn rewards. These gifts include in-game items as well as rewards from partners such as accessory company KontrolFreek.

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The team is also committed to launching more features down the line, with a Loadout Editor “coming soon.” You can also expect chat functionality in a future update, Activision confirmed in a blog post. Chat functionality is another upcoming feature, although there isn’t a timeline for its release.

In a neat turn of events, the app is compatible with both last year’s Call of Duty: WW2 and the newly released Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Hopefully this means the app is used for future releases as well, so users don’t have to switch apps next year.

Many Play Store users are reporting that the app crashes after logging in, but a few users found that it works just fine. You can check it out for yourself via the Play Store button below. 

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