How to install Netflix on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5 without iOS 11

How to install Netflix on iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5 without iOS 11

iPhone 4s one of my best iPhone all time and right now 2020 I thought it still one of the best iPhone all time despite it too old nowadays but we still using it and formally when iOS 10 not yet launched iOS 9 latest IOS in 2020 where mostly apps supported to iPhone 4s Even Netflix, Snapchat and most of those app which no longer support to iOS 9 but you can still able to Install Netflix for iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.5

Really You can still able to download Netflix on iPhone 4S 

Luckily iPhone 4s users still can able to download Netflix app to their phone but not latest one as iPhone won’t allow to use apps which not compatible with iPhone more likely to understand the compatible version of iPhone 4S can still be downloadable it does not mean that you can download newly launched app which are not running iOS 9

Why IPhone 4S still worth in 2020

if You use an older iPhone 4 or 3gs you heard well that iPhone 4s now on iOS 7.1.2  and iPhone 3Gs quite old respectively running iOS 6.1.6 which was last update from Apple for this iPhone’s you may face bad experience In short I want you to tell that bad experience on using this iPhone’s no basic Apps support in iPhone 4 and 3GS you can use it as calling purpose more likely apps like WhatsApp still app still on iOS 7 Hats off WhatsApp

I Know that it seems 7 year old phone iPhone 4 not supports basic apps such as YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp luckily with iOS 9 iPhone 4s still have access to download basic app

How to Download Netflix on iOS 9.3.5 right Now

If You are already download Netflix than it easy to download the compatible version

But if you cannot able to download it right now so firstly you need to just go to iTunes

Now Search for the Netflix

Download it (after 1MB just paused)

Now Back to Your iPhone 4s

If download symbol shows that means

Now you can download the Netflix app




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