How to make wifi adapter settings (D-LINK) for ICOM A2

This is set: How you make wifi adapter settings (D-LINK) for ICOM A2

As I mentioned there was once an extra HDD within the set however I dont use it, as a result of I want a lot more other techniques on my SSD.

Configuration for the WIFI head has two szenarios.

First one with a separate TPLink router throughout the storage.

ICOMA2 is configured with static IP, in my case subnet WPA2 with passcode.
TPLink router is configured as DHCP subnet SSID is ISAP
Notebook is configured by the use of NetSetMan to obtain automated IP and DNS. If will provide an explanation for later why I exploit the NetSetMan device later,
however it will be significant if we’re the usage of the Wifi direct Connection outdoor the storage.

So in case you are within the storage aktivate within the NetSetMan the profile ICOM ISAP, the Notebooks nic will identify a connection to the router, and the nic will obtain an IP from the ISAPs DHCP server.
At least it’s the similar process as within the outdated ISIS System, the place ISIS was once the DHCP Server for the pinnacle devices.
You can test the relationship to the ICOM by the use of cmd console ping and also you must obtain the solution out of your ICOM unit.

Now in ISTA move to VCI config and use the direct connection, right here you’ve to set the IP to (ICOMs IP), thats it for the router configuration.

Second one with a Wifi-Direct connection, outdoor the storage for instance someplace within the desolate tract.

Create a NetSetMAn Profile referred to as ICOM WIFI, her you’ve to inform the notebooks nic a community deal with throughout the phase of the ICOMs IP.
In my case subnet Gateway (Gateway isn’t used right here, however for those who would within the close to of the storage ISAP it’s essential achieve web too.)

Activate the NetSetMans profile for ICOM Wifi, wait slightly bit, you’ll obtain a inexperienced popup, after the nics deal with is established.

Start the second one device MyPublicWifi. Configure the device in the way in which, that your Wifi nic throughout the pocket book is used. Use the similar SSID, like within the storage profile, as a result of it’ll no longer attach to the digital router if the passcode or SSID isnt the similar. I have in mind we’re oustide from the storage and the ISAP router is out of vary.
Put the passcode within the MyPublicWifi and let the device configure the hotspot settings. Dont mark the web settings, go away them by myself.

After the Hotspot is operating, I checked them with my at hand or a 2d pocket book.

The leisure is identical get started ISTA with the similar VCI settings direct connection (similar IP from the ICOMs as I discussed prior to.)

No it must paintings as a Wifi Direct conection.

With the NetSetMan device the nic dealing with is more straightforward as in Win8 from the sidebar, even the nics IP allocation is essential and manually a desaster.


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