How to receive an Apple Watch alert if your heart beats too fast

The rhythm of our heart gives us a very precious information about our current state. Not only is it a matter of watching it when exercising, as is normal, it is also necessary to keep it controlled in a regulated manner with tools such as the Apple Watch. The Apple device is designed to autonomously detect our heart rate , including the variation of it , therefore, can be very useful when it comes to guide us about our health.

Of course, it is necessary to remember that the Apple Watch is not a medical device, nor is it certified as such, therefore, if you have doubts about your health, consult a specialist . But the help offered by the clock is not bad, especially when we know that it has already saved lives thanks to its functions, in particular, to an alert system that was implemented in watchOS 4 as part of an improvement in the measurement of our frequency cardiac

All Apple watches, with the exception of the original Apple Watch, are able to read our heart rate on a regular basis, without starting a workout. Thanks to this feature, your smartwatch can notify you when your frequency exceeds certain thresholds for a period of 10 minutes, while you are at rest. To do this, we just have to configure it in the Watch app, within the Heart Rate section, and choosing the frequency to which you should notify us.

This is of great help to detect possible arrhythmias, which could lead to really serious consequences for the user. However, we must be careful with this function, since it does not get rid of false positives , so do not panic if you see that the notification suddenly jumps. Of course, maybe you should talk to your doctor, just to make sure you do not have anything to worry about.

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