Hulu’s Mobile App Updated With Improvements To Its UI

Considering how many things we do on the go these days, such as surfing the net, checking emails, playing games, and so on, having a good mobile app with an easy-to-use interface is key to keeping your users satisfied. For Hulu subscribers who have felt that the app might have needed some work, you’re in luck.

Hulu has recently announced that they will be making improvements to its mobile app. With these improvements, it is expected to make it easier for users to watch its shows while on the go. One of the changes that they’ll be making is the addition of a dedicated live TV destination, which takes users back to the last channel that they were watching. There will also be a new live TV guide so that users will be able to get an idea of what’s coming up over the next day or so.

While watching videos horizontally is the way to go due to most movies and TV shows filmed for that kind of orientation, Hulu has added a new portrait-mode player which will make it easier for users to browse the guide while keep their shows in the background. There will also be improvements made to scrubbing and also how users control the recommendations.

Users will be able to tell Hulu to stop suggesting shows and also the ability to remove from watch history. There will also be HDMI support for iOS, improved Chromecast, and more. These changes are still in beta and is expected to be released soon.

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