Infinity Box CM2 Latest (All Models) Version Direct Download

Searching of Infinity Box latest Crack ^( Version is just wasting of your time if you want to make money then you have to invest first then you can make money Infinity Box is one of the best professional flashing tools since 2005 to till and non stop giving us updates.
Infinity Box as name has support of 70% mobile phones brands that,s why professional flasher have trust on Infinity team and that’s the one that box which can not be hacked or cracked ever if some one says that there is a crack version he have then it can’t be infinity box CM2 it cold be CM2 them not tool so if your a professional and have mobiles software shop and want to make money not giving compensation for breaking of phone your customers then you need to buy original CM2 key it’s not so much expensive for your work you can recover that money with in one welk.

That’s why never ever used the crack of mobiles flashing tool it can be brack your phone and also your PC could be infected with the virus. 
Last year 06 2018 Infinity team has release 1.58 giving us a new way of flashing read and write flash on Android phones.
On 13 March infinity Box team has given a new update on Qualcomm ^( tool new update.
Now Infinity Box team also have the full support of LG and Samsung.
CM2 latest crack ^( is not possible tell now that’s why no one can crack it.

What,s New models and features on the CM2 latest version ^(

 Firmware reading of Feature and Android phones are updated and revised.
 Flash engine update and bug are fixed.
 NAND update brand information reading.
 NAND firmware save with full phone information.


MT6573,MT6575,MT6575. and more


SC6815, SC7715, SC7731, SC8830, SC9830, SC5735, NAND/eMMC read and write
removing of FRP all latest SPD 7731 or old CUP’S.


MSM 8210
MSM 8212
MSM 8610
MSM 8610
MSM 8992
MSM 8994
MSM 8976
MSM 8956
MSM 8963
MSM 8940
MSM 8973
MSM 8628
MSM 8926

For download of latest version of CM2

  • MTK TOO V1.58 ^(!83R21Bpb!7gN2wtQqvWqe1o0zR954Z0oF0e_vCQfpsgnm7XX72EQ) LINK 2 ^(!83R21Bpb!7gN2wtQqvWqe1o0zR954Z0oF0e_vCQfpsgnm7XX72EQ)
  • SPD TOOL V1.27 ^(!tqJ20SYb!xk4oF9ZmrJRM2o-t8YFIerxpGhNWLgwBlec93dk8EUo)
  • QUALCOMM TOOL V1.16 ^(!IyQHTKaD!M-hRh7KnXmi4isMSHblttcNvHDxXN1CAcZ42ffdaBgk) LINK 2V1.15 ^(!EzZUDbBJ!rJ7OHkiE17BbVqTmwnQzpB9TPcPNSXH_MazKrQq97nY)
  • SM TOOL V1.06 ^(!4r5xTBKI!7W_m2nHVsqISQbX4claheyXzgNidrqaRZZCEt6c-sgQ) LINK FOR VERSION 1.09 ^(!EzZUDbBJ!rJ7OHkiE17BbVqTmwnQzpB9TPcPNSXH_MazKrQq97nY)
  • CM2 SCR TOOL V1.02  ^(!FypwjB4T!kR3JG4woAsecRz98Q93xeJEJzZEAAZaXjMv3IgbFdS8) LINK FOR VERSION 1.09 ^(!EzZUDbBJ!rJ7OHkiE17BbVqTmwnQzpB9TPcPNSXH_MazKrQq97nY)
  • CM2 RDA TOOL V1.05 ^(!Um4AGYZZ!vs_1wPJhCzMdG7usSnlSZPyYlJCDOlKQL_M3aHCm4Sk)
OR download the latest updates of all tool for infinity box official download page ^(

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