Intel’s Self-Driving Unit Wins Deal For 8 Million Cars

Mobileye, Intel’s self-driving car technology unit based in Israel ^(, has reportedly signed a contract with a European car manufacturer to supply its autonomous driving technology for 8 million cars. This is one of the largest deals as yet for Mobileye and goes to show that car manufacturer and suppliers are quickly moving forward to bring more autonomous driving features to cars.

Mobileye already has a long list of customers using its technology for advanced driver aids, these include the likes of General Motors, Honda, BMW, Audi, Nissan, and more.

Reuters reports that Mobileye has received this order to supply its self-driving technology for 8 million cars to a European manufacturer. No financial terms of the deal have been disclosed. The company hasn’t even announced who the customer is.

This deal for advanced driver assisted systems will start in 2021 when Intel launches its EyeQ5 chip. That chip is an upgrade to its EyeQ4 chip that’s going to be released in the coming weeks. Intel has developed EyeQ5 with full autonomous driving in mind.

The system that it’s supplying to this unnamed car manufacturer will power partial automation on a variety of its models. They are essentially semi-autonomous driving features which aid the driver in tasks such as highway driving and staying in line while requiring them to stay alert behind the wheel at all times.

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