iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 412 – Jul 12th 2019


It’s easy to focus all of our time and attention on the shiny new APIs that are announced at WWDC every year, but I noticed Mattt highlighting something yesterday that we overlook all too often.

His tweets were deprecating some of his old open source projects, but his feelings were similar to mine when I shut down App Review Times. He was happy to shutter these projects, they’re no longer needed due to improvements in the system frameworks.

It’s easy to criticise Apple (especially when the betas risk your iCloud data 😬) but I’m thankful that we work with a platform where small improvements are prioritised alongside the big-ticket features that fill rooms at keynotes.

Dave Verwer


WWDC19 Video Transcripts Now Available

Transcripts of WWDC sessions are so important, especially during these beta months when the documentation for the new APIs is not necessarily complete. With this update from Apple, all of the WWDC 2019 videos are now transcribed. 🎉

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Edit All in Xcode

This is a very cool Xcode editor tip from Dave DeLong. It’s not perfect, but even so I bet you can make use of this several times a week.


Dependency Injection in Practice

When I saw the title of this post from Josh Adams my first thought was that it was going to be about IBSegueAction. I was wrong though, and the new feature doesn’t even get a mention until ¾ way through the post! Instead, it’s a much more comprehensive guide to DI than you might have been expecting. 👍

Gestures in SwiftUI

Are you digging into gestures in your SwiftUI projects yet? Start here, with Majid Jabrayilov and a simple long press. Then move onto Ben Scheirman‘s free screencast demonstrating the implementation of a drag gesture.


SwiftUI makes the construction of views and UI easy. Can the same thing be done for attributed strings? Yes, and here’s Ethan Huang to show us how with his new library. This looks great. 👍

iOS 13 Large Content Viewer

Supporting visually impaired users in your iOS apps may start with a good implementation of dynamic text, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Let Federico Zanetello familiarise you with the large content viewer and how to support it. 🔍

macOS Development

The Ultimate Catalyst Guide

The title of this article by Benedikt Terhechte makes quite a claim… Luckily, it’s good! 😀 Set aside some time and dig in if you want to get up to speed with Project Catalyst.


Privacy Aware Logging with Swift

Privacy around logging is something we don’t think about enough. Yes, it’s probably obvious to most developers that they shouldn’t log passwords, but how much other information is leaking through your logs? Oleg Dreyman digs in and comes up with a great solution using Swift 5.1 property wrappers. 🌯


Swift Engineer @ WillowTree – At WillowTree, Senior Swift Engineers have the freedom to create products people love. You’ll collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to build large-scale products for well-known brands. We look for team members who advocate for software engineering best practices and inspire their team to continuously learn and improve. – Charlottesville, VA

iOS Developer @ TransferWise – As an iOS Engineer at TransferWise, you’ll get the chance to build a product that is changing the lives of millions of people around the world and saving them £1bn in transaction fees every year. You’ll work in highly autonomous teams in close collaboration with Designers, Product Managers and fellow engineers as we change the way money moves in an increasingly borderless world! – London, UK

iOS Developer @ Transit – Bright, light-hearted coworkers. The cutest rooftop in Montreal. We’re a team of app-wielding urbanists creating the vaccine to eradicate car ownership: Transit. We bring better real-time data (and smarter trip plans) to hundreds of cities, spanning public transport, bikeshare, scooters, and other shared modes. We keep millions of cars off the road — and lure more people to sustainable options. – Montreal, Canada

iOS Developers, All Levels @ Rightpoint – Rightpoint is hiring mobile engineers! We are an award-winning customer experience agency with technology at its core. Rightpoint cares about crafting quality products and great user experiences. Our clients include a wide range of well-known brands and innovative startups and have offices across the US. – Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, Denver, CO, and Oakland, CA

iOS/macOS Software Engineer @ Astropad – Sherlocked by Apple, Luna Display strikes back! – Remote within North American timezones

iOS Engineer @ onXmaps – onX is hiring for iOS Engineer with a love for the outdoors. If you’re passionate about writing great software, love playing outside, believe in protecting access to public lands and want to dominate the off-pavement mobile GPS market – apply today! – Montana, USA

Sr. Software Engineer (macOS) @ Embodied Inc. – Embodied, Inc. is an industry leading robotics and AI company creating state-of-the-art companion robots to revolutionize human-centric care and wellness by enhancing quality of life for individuals and families. We are creating a new product category from the ground up that values and caters to the full diversity of our consumers. Come join us and make an impact of people’s lives! – Pasadena, CA

iOS Engineer @ Quizlet – The Subscriptions team is the powerhouse of Quizlet that drives exponential growth for the company. Come help us scale one of the fastest growing and highest quality consumer learning brands, as we develop innovative simple-to-use study tools that help students everywhere. – San Francisco, CA

There’s more great jobs over on iOS Dev Jobs of course. Or, are you looking for the perfect applicant for your open position?

And finally…

Ive had enough of this place!

Also sticking in Ive’s craw were the videos he recorded for most product unveilings. “I was sick to death of the format—me on a white background. Tim rejected all my creative ideas. Me on horseback, me in a shark cage, me on Everest, and so on. The man has the creative instincts of a housefly.”

Note: This isn’t the original title of the article, but I believe mine is better so that’s what I’m using. 😂

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