iPad mini 4 A1550 iCloud Bypass Method and Problem and Solution.

iPad mini 4 A1550 iCloud Bypass Method and Problem and Solution.

This instruction will help you with an iCloud bypass on your iPad mini4 Cellular and WIFI only too. After bypassing by this process iCloud, you will have iPad cellular detected and converted to Wi-Fi Only. Sim-slot and WiFi will not work. Bluetooth will work then you have to need jailbroken firmware and edit some file or You have to change the WIFI chip with ipad4 only wifi chip. WIFI code is shown on the below.

To complete this process you need to ensure and perfect on works because your some mistake makes massive damage doing works. So, ensure of the skills, Otherwise, trust to the mobile repair professional.

What the difference between Unlock iCloud in iPad cellular and iPad WIFI only.

iPad with Cellular.

iPad cellular has one opportunity below IOS 10 on that cases you have to remove one or two resistor then restore via iTunes then iCloud gone but now that process is no more supported to the complete job for iCloud unlocking your iPad running with ios 11 to 12.

What happens while you remove the resistor.
You will turn off the Modem and change the identity of the iPad.So,iTunes detect as a Dfu device then you have to restore via latest firmware.

Resistor location that you have to remove.


  • iPad mini 4 cellular Model A1550 remove 1 resistor
  • iPad mini  4G will enter DFU mode.
  • Connect the iPad mini 4 4G to your PC.
  • Then, you need to restore the iPad mini 4 4G through iTunes with a firmware of the Wi-Fi model and activate using the iTunes because WIFI is no more working on that Model.
  • After an update on IOS 11 & 12, you can`t activate your iPad message shows cannot activate iPad throw activating the server.

This process is working on iPad cellular to iPad WIFI.

  • Remove Nand chip form PCB.
  • Which contain serial wifi address and Bluetooth address.
  • After the update of the IOS 12 apple check the complete Serial wifi and Bluetooth to activate.

So you must to buy the unlocked serial and update the information on Nand by the Nand programmer.

Reball chip and soldered on the Board then activate throw iTunes.
iPad activates on working condition but WIFI not working. So, you need to replace the WIFI module that I previously mention. This videos tutorial explain all the process that you have to follow the instruction step by steps.

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