IPFinder CLI – The Official Command Line Client For IPFinder

The Official Command Line Client For IPFinder:

  • Supports Single IP Address, asn, levels, firewall as Input
  • Supports Bulk
  • Exports Results to Screen or to An Output File
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supports ASN quantity , RANGES , Firewall

https://ipfinder.io/auth/signup, for Free IPFinder API get right of entry to token.
The loose plan is restricted to 4,000 requests an afternoon, and does not come with one of the vital knowledge fields To allow all of the knowledge fields and further request volumes see https://ipfinder.io/pricing.

Visit IPFinder documentation.

System Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.0
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • CURL PHP Extension
  • respectable PHP library for IPfinder.


Via composer
First, obtain the IPfinder cli the usage of Composer:

composer international require ipfinder-io/ip-finder-cli

Make certain to position composer’s device-vast dealer bin listing for your $PATH so the IPfinder executable can also be situated via your device. This listing exists in numerous places according to your working device; then again, some not unusual places come with:

  • macOS: $HOME/.composer/dealer/bin
  • GNU / Linux Distributions: $HOME/.config/composer/dealer/bin
  • Windows: %USERPROFILEp.cAppDataRoamingComposervendorbin

Linux Distributions / macOS
obtain the IPfinder cli the usage of from github the usage of curl

## the usage of curl
$ curl -LO https://github.com/ipfinder-io/ip-finder-cli/releases/obtain/v1.0.0/ipfinder.phar
## the usage of wget
$ wget https://github.com/ipfinder-io/ip-finder-cli/releases/obtain/v1.0.0/ipfinder.phar
$ chmod +x ipfinder.phar
$ sudo mv ipfinder.phar /usr/bin/ipfinder
$ ipfinder -h


  1. Download IPFINDER PHAR from github
  2. Create a listing for PHP binaries; e.g., C:bin
  3. Open a command line (e.g., press Windows+R » kind cmd » ENTER)
  4. Create a wrapping batch script (leads to C:binipfinder.cmd):
C:Usersusername> cd C:bin
C:bin> echo @php "%~dp0ipfinder.phar" %* > ipfinder.cmd
C:bin> go out
  1. Open a brand new command line and ensure that you’ll be able to execute IPfinder from any trail:
C:Usersusername> ipfinder --help
Download Ip-Finder-Cli

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