Joe’s Take: What I want to See in the Knights of the Eternal Throne!

What I would like to see in KOTFE and Knights of the Eternal Throne (Updated Edition)!

Hey guys, sorry for the long, long break i have had from posting, but i’m slowly and surely making a return to writing. As some of you may have read months ago that i was still working on a post for CorellianRun ^( I still am determined to make my return it might just take some time. I also have been lacking some inspiration recently on what to write about much but that will (hopefully) change with the new expansion ^(

I have decided to talk about what and who I most want to see return in the future KOTET expansion- which is very close to launch. 

Now KOTFE has had many different factions you could recruit from, ranging from Criminals from Belsavis to former Imperial and republic companions and characters. But there is one faction in the game that is being ignored. The Chiss Ascendancy ^( I remember playing my Imperial Agent for the first time and being captivated by the Chiss on Hoth and their story. I think that it would be really cool of Bioware included them in a recruitment quest or in the story to help fight against the Eternal Throne, as they would be really cool and unique allies that have been largely ignored since the ‘Base’ game itself. Also, what a great tie in for an Ensign Temple recruitment mission- seriously, she deserves to return.  

Another Interesting idea that i would love to see show up is the many mercenary gangs that we have encountered throughout the galaxy. I know as said, that we have x- cons from belsavis, but in both Hunter and Smuggler stories as well as side quests and bonus missions, there are just so many possibilities you could explore instead of just finding a new ‘old’ companion each chapter. What happened to the Regulators after Makeb? It would be a nice idea to find out. Also, it would be fun to see what the hutts and other criminal factions have been doing during this time. Have they gone under ground? Will they join the alliance? 

Again, it would be nice to see more of what happened to certain factions in the Empire and Republic, other than some brief mentions in recruitment quests and during chapter four, we don’t entirely know what happened. Will we be able to recruit more sith, or different imperials? I know we saw ships arriving on Odessen in the last chapter but a bit more development of who and what they are doing would be nice. Secondly, happened to Sith Intelligence after Lana Left? are their a ton of X-Imperial agents out there ready for recruitment? I really hope with this new focus on story some of these questions are answered and interesting aspects of the game are explored in more detail as it would really help flesh-out the universe we all disappear to now and then. 

Lastly, I would really like to see some links to other Old Republic material, especially with the inclusion of Nathema from the Revan Novel. It would be great to see if there are going to be any references to him or what has been going on there since the novel. The blur trailer was far too enticing for them not to focus a large chunk of the story on that planet. I’m thinking Lord Scourge recruitment? That could tie into the novel very well and still giving people back another companion to use. I would be really interested to see his and Vitiate’s reactions to each other. 

What would you like to see in the next few chapters of KOTFE? 

Author: Marshmallow

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