Joe's Take: What I want to See in the Knights of the Eternal Throne!

What I would really like to see in KOTFE and Knights of the Eternal Throne (Up to date Version)!

Good day guys, sorry for the lengthy, lengthy ruin i’ve had from posting, however i am slowly and undoubtedly making a comeback to writing. As some of you could have learn months in the past that i used to be nonetheless running on a put up for CorellianRun. I nonetheless am made up our minds to make my go back it would simply take a little time. I even have been missing some inspiration lately on what to write about a lot however that can (confidently) exchange with the new growth.

I have made up our minds to discuss what and who I maximum want to see go back in the long term KOTET expansion- which may be very shut to release. 

Now KOTFE has had many various factions you need to recruit from, starting from Criminals from Belsavis to former Imperial and republic partners and characters. However there’s one faction in the recreation this is being unnoticed. The Chiss Ascendancy. I bear in mind enjoying my Imperial Agent for the first time and being captivated by way of the Chiss on Hoth and their tale. I suppose that it might be actually cool of Bioware incorporated them in a recruitment quest or in the tale to assist battle towards the Eternal Throne, as they might be actually cool and distinctive allies which were in large part unnoticed since the ‘Base’ recreation itself. Additionally, what a super tie in for an Ensign Temple recruitment mission- severely, she merits to go back.  

cdx.organizations.hoth.chiss_acendancy Joe's Take: What I want to See in the Knights of the Eternal Throne! Technology

Some other Fascinating concept that i would like to see display up is the many mercenary gangs that we have got encountered all over the galaxy. I know as stated, that we have got x- cons from belsavis, however in each Hunter and Smuggler tales in addition to aspect quests and bonus missions, there are simply such a lot of probabilities you need to discover as an alternative of simply discovering a brand new ‘outdated’ significant other every bankruptcy. What took place to the Regulators after Makeb? It will be a pleasant concept to to find out. Additionally, it might be amusing to see what the hutts and different legal factions were doing all over this time. Have they long gone beneath flooring? Will they sign up for the alliance? 

Once more, it might be great to see extra of what took place to positive factions in the Empire and Republic, as opposed to some transient mentions in recruitment quests and all over bankruptcy four, we do not fully know what took place. Can we be in a position to recruit extra sith, or other imperials? I know we noticed ships arriving on Odessen in the remaining bankruptcy however a bit of extra construction of who and what they’re doing could be great. Secondly, took place to Sith Intelligence after Lana Left? are their a ton of X-Imperial brokers in the market in a position for recruitment? I actually hope with this new focal point on tale some of those questions are responded and fascinating facets of the recreation are explored in extra element as it might actually assist flesh-out the universe all of us disappear to from time to time. 

Emperor Joe's Take: What I want to See in the Knights of the Eternal Throne! Technology

Finally, I would actually like to see some hyperlinks to different Previous Republic subject matter, particularly with the inclusion of Nathema from the Revan Novel. It will be nice to see if there are going to be any references to him or what has been happening there since the novel. The blur trailer was once a long way too engaging for them no longer to focal point a big chew of the tale on that planet. I’m pondering Lord Scourge recruitment? That would tie into the novel really well and nonetheless giving folks again any other significant other to use. I could be actually to see his and Vitiate’s reactions to every different. 

What do you want to see in the following few chapters of KOTFE?