Jonathan Blow gives us a small glimpse of his next game

432263-2124877-169_jonathan_blow_break_room_020113 Jonathan Blow gives us a small glimpse of his next game iOS

For the remaining couple of years over in Croatia, the Reboot Broaden Convention has been host to speeches and discussions with some of the video games business’s main figures. Whilst Jonathan Blow will not be a family title, he surely contributed to shaping the indie building scene with his breakout hit Braid in 2008. Its simplest herbal that he can be web hosting a communicate at Reboot Broaden, however I am certain most of the people were not anticipating him to sing their own praises anything else about a new game.

Within the underneath video (on the 5:32:45 mark), Blow gives us a small glimpse on the next game he is operating on. It appears to be like to be some other puzzle game within the vein of his previous initiatives, even supposing little or no is even identified about the concept that at the back of it. Blow discussed that, “It is a great little grid-based game. I have were given a man who can run round and push blocks and stuff.” Together with that, he mentioned he has deliberate out round 25 hours of single-player gameplay.