The phone application of google redesigns its interface

The phone application of google also receives changes over time, and it seems that not, but every feature on Android is almost a different application, and also have new changes, although you sometimes see little in the forums or social networks. Google is changing a lot of things, perhaps from the Android 5 the changes have been very focused in one direction and in which everything has a harmony similar.

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This is still in 2018 we are getting changes perhaps should be made before to adapt to styles like material design, but it is never too late to make these changes and now is the phone application for our Android device which has made some aesthetic changes to improve.

The phone application of google is full of circles

The main changes that have happened in the phone application of Google is that now we will have three contacts per line , in the section favorite, while before we only had 2. It is also interesting to note that before each contact was within a square, in a mosaic mode, and now every contact is a circle, and the whole view virtually is too full of circles for each button.

As you can see in the image above, we can now see a fund that’s soft on the bubbles of the contacts floating around, to the left is shown the previous design and the one that almost all we are still having since this update will come gradually to all smartphones. We will see how these changes are received between the users, it is possible to first get this new version of the program Android One, although the best is simply a question of countries or terminals.

If you are waiting for this new version and can you tell your opinions in social networks or in the comments we would be very grateful as always.

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