The next feature of WhatsApp will prevent the spam in your groups


Since WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications today, we like to bring you all the news on this app of instant messaging. We recently saw as the dark theme was in development , and as could no longer add you to groups without your consent. The new feature will bring WhatsApp will be the possibility to block any spam message in your groups automatically activating a feature.

As is usually normal in this type of developments, it is WhaBetaInfo who has reported on what is working WhatsApp. Last month I discussed the application I was working on a new feature, that would show how many times you would have forwarded a message. Well, at the root of this new feature, WhatsApp would be working on a tool to prevent spam messages from reaching your groups.

This new feature of WhatsApp is not yet available

If you have already been running to your phone to verify this role, we regret to tell you that you will still have to wait a little bit and is that is not available in any version of the application. Apparently, the developers are working to prevent the communication of the fake news and spam messages using its feature count of forwarded messages to detect those messages that pass between hundreds or thousands of contacts, to be forwarded to hundreds of groups.

To do this, within group settings, and as you can see in the screenshots, we can choose if we want that the messages are frequently forwarded whether or not allowed in our group WhatsApp. That said, this feature is not yet available, but we assume that when we want to forward a message, if the same has been forwarded several times, the groups that we have marked as “do Not allow”, will not appear in the list to forward the message.

With this new feature, WhatsApp gets more and more difficult still to spamers or scammers to act on their instant messaging application. In addition, these will also serve to prevent the dissemination of false news and that is that the apps of instant messaging are one of the means where the faster you spread this kind of news. That said, we hope that this feature comes soon to all of our phones and we can begin to filter what messages can and messages must not be forwarded in our groups for this application. As a curiosity, seems to be that when a message is forwarded 5 times, will become part of the group “frequently forwarded”.

The input to The next function of WhatsApp will prevent the spam in your groups first appears in Pro Android – Best apps, games, tutorials, and reviews , and its author is Juanjo Segura

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