The best iOS apps to watch TV on iPhone and iPad

Today, the Apple phones can do it all, have become an extension of our body. What we want to do something? We asked Siri. What games? Those who want to. Do you draw, write, apps, for children, study, video, photo…? There is No problem.

Today we are going to dedicate this post to the TOP 10 apps to watch tv on iPhone (4, 5, 6 or whatever), it’s not the miss!

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The best APPS to watch Tv on iPhone

Television for iPhone

The title of this application is clear, don’t you think? If not, we explain it in more detail. It is an app of Televisa, the media company by mexican excellence. So, we are talking about an app for watching tv mexican in the mobile iOS.

In it we will see the content of their programming, whether they are actual programs, or special , and novels. Don’t miss out any chapter, and relive those scenes that you have marked the week time and time again.

Thanks to its selection of content we can choose what we see and when we see him, give him to pause, speed up, repeat a scene and many other functions, such as sharing on social networks, and view it in full screen –perfect if you want to see it on iPad.

Also, we can put on the calendar reminders so as not to lose nor a, we can make our programs favorite and interact with television programs at the time. Of course, it is free.

App ara ver tv gratis online México

My Tv Online

With the app online enjoy the Spanish channels and more popular, and much more. It is a app with main uk channels, digital tv. No need to get out of bed to see the tv!

Between these channels we found Telecinco, Cuatro, La Sexta, TVE 24 hours, The 1 and Antenna 3, but also others such as KissTV, Extremadura, Canal Sur, Ibiza On or Intereconomía, among many others. Now you don’t care that your house does not reach the coverage of DTT, as long as you have Internet and a mobile phone, you can download this fantastic application on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

And if you connect it with AirPlay to your AppleTV, you’ll be able to see everything on your tv also.


Next to Youtube, Dailymotion has become one of the platforms of free videos online most well-known. However, unlike the first, Dailymotion has more quality, and your content is more unique, giving the user access to short films and even a few movies and programs.

Yes, Youtube also, but apart from that I have recommended on other occasions, is much more saturated and it is more difficult to consider it as an app to watch television on the iPhone itself.

Thanks to its characteristics we can receive suggestions of clips that are adapted to our taste, and in its platform find media free 4K, all a visual delight. We can, of course, share everything, mark favorites, comment, change password, upload your productions… it’s All what you already know. In addition, it is specially prepared for iPad, so that works perfectly.

App para ver videos gratis en iPhone, Dailymotion


Universal we love it because it allows you to view channels (iOS) from all over the world. Currently, it is considered as one of the best applications for this function. In addition, you have tv channels in different languages, if you want to practice any of them or know what is going on in the world from another point of view.

One of its best features is that it detects the speed of our Internet connection, and adjusts the emission of a way that we can see it with the minimum of LAG and interruptions as possible. Has a search engine and a classification by categories that we makes it easier to find the content that we want more, and the zapping is done with just a slip of finger (slidezapping). You can preview each channel, which is updated every 3 minutes.

Very complete app for watching tv on iPhone and iPad. Account also with a long list of movies and series to watch for free, and without subscriptions or payments.


Surely you will not discover anything with this revolutionary new platform to watch television on our mobile devices that it has broken all schemes. Although her success started in the US, now in Spain begins to unseat all the tvs cable before you are hired, as ONO or Canal Plus.

It offers to the users a large number of options that, in addition, they are of great quality. It has current movies, documentaries, and good series of quality, even unique, as Stranger Things.

Is booming, and there is no doubt that its creators are going to continue to invest in the services that it offers. Works with subscriptions (monthly or annual that you can cancel at any time.

The tv of the latest generation on your Apple devices!

descargar netflix en iphone

RTVE alacarta

The television pubic Spanish reminds us of the hand RTVE alacarta, one of the mobile applications to watch TV on iOS with more content offering. All this, completely free and without ads.

Through RTVE a la carte, you can enjoy 4 live TV channels -La 1, La 2, Teledeporte and Canal 24 hours – and also you will have access to more than 40,000 programs to the letter, among them the series of most successful in its history (Tell me how it happened, the Ministry of the Time…), their most popular programs (Learn and Earn, OT, MasterChef…) or the best content childhood for the kids of the house.

One of the aspects we like best about the app is its intuitive interface, which allows access to the contents of a way fast and direct. In addition, RTVE a la carte, not only is an application for viewing TV, but you will also have live radio and 60,000 podcasts to listen to on your iPhone.

It is also worth noting that the iPad version offers a version of news of the last hour, ideal for those who wish to be informed at all times. In short, if you have an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple Watch, RTVE alacarta will be one of your favorite applications. ¡Descargala free in the App Store!

RTVE app iOS

Descargar para iOS


Are you a faithful supporter of the programs of Antena 3 and la Sexta? Then there can be missing Atresplayer, the official platform of Atresmedia for mobile devices. And that is that wherever you are, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll live signal of its tv channels or you can access its extensive catalog of shows and programs. The channels available are:

  • Antena 3
  • The Sixth
  • Neox
  • Nova
  • Mega
  • Atreseries

To use Atresplayer requires a fast Internet connection -if it can be Wifi – and to pre-register on the service. Among the benefits of the app, you can view the programs in HD (even 4k), create custom playlists, or to have the original version with subtitles in series and foreign movies.

The basic service of Atresplayer -with ads – is free, although if you’re going to be a regular user and want the app without ads and with exclusive content for all of your devices, perhaps you might want to subscribe to the premium version by to 2.69 euros per month. I test it in your devices iOS!

Atresplayer app iOS

Descargar para iOS


Soccer, series, fashion, film releases, NBA, Formula 1, Moto GP, content child… This and much more is what you will find in Movistar+, an app essential to all users that have contracted the service of internet tv the company.

And is that with the application of Movistar+ you’ll be able to see in the mobile more than 50 channels of live and you’ll have at your disposal more than 10,000 titles on demand to watch when and where you want. Find the content is very simple, you can enter what you want in the finder or access it directly through the various categories.

On the other hand, if you have contracted any of their Premium packages, you have the option to activate the functionality multi-access Home at no extra cost to be able to use up to 4 devices at once, three in the Wifi network of the home and one for when you’re out. And in case outside little, after the announcement of the end of the Roaming (announced in June 2020), Movistar+ can also be seen throughout the European Union.

In a nutshell, whether you’re traveling as if you arrive home late to see the great match of the day, or the last chapter of your favorite series, Movistar+ app brings the best content to your iPhone and iPad so that you can continue delighting you of the tv experience without the need to be in the hall of the house.

Movistar+ para iOS

Descargar para iOS


One of the more veteran and that we could not leave out of this list is Mitele, the mobile TV services of the audiovisual group Mediaset Spain. With it, you will see live tv and the card from your iPhone and iPad for all its main channels: Telecinco, Cuatro, Energy, FDF, Boing, Be Mad, Divinity and Gran Hermano 24 hours.

The design of the app is modern and simple, so that you can easily access all the videos and live feeds. But this is not all, but Mitele also has a number of interesting features. These are:

  • Creation of custom lists and managing favorites.
  • Parental Control for minors.
  • Ability to resume a video at the last minute where you left off.
  • Videos in true HD.
  • Interaction with live programmes: voting in real time, participate in the development of the same…

Of course, the download Mitele is free, so that all the content is open to the user to visualize completely legal. And if one evening you fancy an overdose of cinema, you’ll be able to see for 24 hours all the movies you want with Mitele premium for only 1,45€. I Exprimirás your iPhone and iPad!

Mitele app iOS

Descargar para iOS

Zattoo Live TV

Do you want a platform where they can find all your favorite channels? With Zattoo live not only you will be able to view the legal live TV on your iPhone or iPad, but even also you will be able to burn them, and this way, to visualize them whenever you want wherever you are.

To be able to enjoy the services of Zattoo Live TV, you must subscribe to the app and have a good internet connection. One of the strengths of the tool is that the channels change according to the location or geographical area where the mobile, a feature that will allow you to watch TV channels from all over Europe. Also, of course, the spaniards.

The version grauita of the application consists of a large selection of the best channels (sports, children, youth,…), while to take advantage of their premium options, such as more channels and the option of recording, you have the possibility of doing a monthly subscription (4,99€) or annual (29,99€). Although if you want, you can first try its premium version free for 1 month.

Zattoo Live TV Streaming

Descargar para iOS

If you think that it is still insufficient , then this selection of apps for watching tv on iPhone and iPad, try to see this listing of app for watching movies. And if you do not clear the operation of any of these apps, I look forward to in the comments!

What suggestions, doubts, questions…? It tell us everything!

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