[Latest] Deezloader Remix v4.1.5 For All OS

Deezloader Remix Download

About Deezloader Remix:

Deezloader Remix v4.1.5 is an improved version of Deezloader based on the Reborn branch.
With this app you can download songs, playlists and albums directly from Deezers Server in a single and well packaged app.
It’s the best alternative to SMloadr!

Deezloader Remix 4.1.5 Features:

  1. Download MP3s and FLACs directly from Deezer Servers
  2. Search and Discover music from the App
  3. Download music directly from a URL
  4. Download entire Artists library
  5. See your public playlist on Deezer
  6. Tagged music files (ID3s and Vorbis Comments)
  7. Great UI and UX

Exclusive Remix Features:

  1. Implementation with Spotify APIs (No third party services)
  2. Improved download speed
  3. Extensive set of options for a personalized experience
  4. Server mode to launch the app headless
  5. MOAR Optimizations

What’s New in v4.1.5:

  • Fixed %explicit% for album names
  • Added Contributions page
  • Fixed some spelling issues

How To Use Deezloader Remix v4.1.5:

  1. Download Deezloader Remix 4.1.5 xxx.yyy (where x depends on your archiitecture, and y depends on OS.)(y- exe- Windows, AppImage- Linux & dmg – MacOS)
  2. For Windows, I have only Provided Portable Editions, so Just Run and for Other OS, Install and Run!
  3. Log In to Deeer!
  4. Enjoy!

Download Deezloader Remix v4.1.5

Package Name: Deezloader Remix

File Size: 29.8 MB (Windows 32-bit)
MD5: F49B242C9A35AEB2152F461E842E2328
Deezloader Remix 4.1.5 x32.exe  | Mirror | Mirror

File Size: 34.9 MB (Windows 64-bit)
MD5: C4781220FBB53C4FFA0985B8E10183C5
Deezloader Remix 4.1.5 x64.exe  | Mirror | Mirror

File Size: 56.1 MB (MacOS)
MD5: 7F2EA0F5BDCA174D0005055023BF29B3
Deezloader Remix-4.1.5.dmg  | Mirror | Mirror

File Size: 55.2 MB (Linux 32-bit)
Deezloader Remix 4.1.5-i386.AppImage | Mirror | Mirror

File Size: 52.2 MB (Linux 64-bit)
MD5: 7E990191BB5EE93EE9CBE441F804D4C8
Deezloader Remix 4.1.5-x86_64.AppImage | Mirror | Mirror 

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