Launch X431, Autel MS908, Xtuner E3 which is better for Malaysian cars

Thread: Proton, Perodua Malaysian vehicles diagnostic equipment sought after? Which OBD2 automotive diagnostic instrument ^( is healthier for Malaysian vehicles? Xtuner E3 (also referred to as Vpecker Easydiag)? Autel Maxisys MS908 pill? Release X431 scan instrument?
Here’s the purchasing information of obdii diagnostic equipment for Malaysian vehicles, particularly for Proton, Perodua.

Proton obdii analysis: with Xtuner E3 (Vpecker Easydiag)? Autel MS908? Release X431 pad?
DeviceXtuner E3 ^( (Vpecker)Autel MaxiSys MS908 ^( X431 ^(





launch-x431 TA2000SureNoNo longer all
ABS 9.0SureNoSure
AC3SureNo longer allSure
AC6SureNo longer allNo longer all
Airbag AB 10.0SureNoNo longer all
Airbag AB 2.0SureNoNo longer all
Airbag AB 2.1SureNoSure
BCF ContinentalSureSureSure
BOSCHSureNo longer allNo longer all
Central Electronics CE 3.0SureNoNo
Central Electronics CE 4.0SureNoNo
CVT PunchSureNoNo longer all
Simple-U 1.0SureNoSure
EMS EasyU IAFM+ 1.0SureNoSure
EMS400SureNo longer allSure
EMS700SureNo longer allNo
EMS700 CPSNoSureNo longer all
ESP 9.0SureNoSure
ESP TRW EBC450SureNo longer allSure
Gearshift Lock 4.0SureNoSure
Device cluster PXSureNoNo
MMCSureNo longer allNo longer all
MMC_ISONo longer allNo longer allNo longer all
Energy Window(AS)SureNoSure
Energy Window(DR)SureNoSure
Energy Window(RL)SureNoSure
Energy Window(RR)SureNoSure
RENAULT12SureNo longer allSure
Renault18No longer allNo longer allNo longer all
Segem S2000SureNoNo longer all
SIEMENSSureNo longer allNo longer all
TEVES MK20SureNo longer allNo longer all
TEVES MK60SureNo longer allNo longer all
TRWSureNo longer allNo longer all
Perodua obd2 diagnostics: utilizing Xtuner E3? Autel MS908? Release X431 scan instrument?
DeviceXtuner E3 (Vepecker)Autel Maxisys MS908Release X431 V
Engine (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
Engine (ED-DE/L201/JUN.04-)SureSureNo
Engine (ED-DE/L703/Oct. 03-)SureSureNo
Engine (ED-VE/L252/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Engine (EF-VE/L250/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L701/Aug.01-Oct.03)SureSureNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L701/Oct.03-)SureSureNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L901/Jun.00-Jun.04)SureSureNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L907/Jun.04)SureSureNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L251/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L701/Dec.01-)SureSureNo
Engine (EJ-DE/L901/Oct.00-)SureSureNo
Engine (EJ-VE/M302/Might.02-)SureNo longer allNo
Engine (HC-E/J100/Aug.98-Might.03)SureSureNo
Engine (K3-VE/J102/Might.03-)SureSureNo
Engine (K3-VE/M301/Might.05-)SureNo longer allNo
A/T (K3-VE/J102/Might.03-)SureSureNo
A/T (K3-VE/M301/Might.05-)SureSureNo
ABS (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
ABS (ED-VE/L252/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
ABS (EF-VE/L250/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
ABS (EJ-DE/L251/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
ABS (EJ-VE/M302/Might.02-)SureNoNo
ABS (K3-VE/J102/Might.03-)SureSureNo
Airbag (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
Airbag (ED-VE/L252/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Airbag (EF-VE/L250/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Airbag (EJ-DE/L701/Aug.01-Oct.03)SureNoNo
Airbag (EJ-DE/L701/Oct.03-)SureNoNo
Airbag (EJ-DE/L901/Jun.00-Jun.04)SureNoNo
Airbag (EJ-DE/L251/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Airbag (HC-E/J100/Aug.98-Might.03)SureNoNo
Airbag (K3-VE/M301/Might.05-)SureNoNo
Chassis/steerage (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
Equipment Regulate (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
Equipment Regulate (EJ-DE/L251/Apr.07-)SureNoNo
Equipment Regulate (K3-VE/J102/Might.03-)SureNoNo
Equipment Regulate (K3-VE/M301/Might.05-)SureNoNo
Immobiliser (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
Immobiliser (EJ-DE/L901/Jun.00-Jun.04)SureNo longer allNo
Immobiliser (EJ-DE/L701/Dec.01-)SureSureNo
Immobiliser (EJ-DE/L901/Oct.00-)SureNoNo
Immobiliser (EJ-VE/M302/Might.02-)SureNo longer allNo
Immobiliser (K3-VE/M301/Might.05-)SureNo longer allNo
SRS (3SZVE/PM2M603/10/2018-)SureNoNo
SRS (K3-VE/J102/Might.03-)SureNo longer allNo
SRS (EJ-VE/M302/Might.02-)SureSureNo
SRS (K3-VE/M301/Might.05-)SureNo longer allNo

In abstract, Xtuner E3 scan instrument wins, in Malaysian vehicles diagnostics!

XTUNER E3 Diagnostic Device Protection

ME-Motor electronics, CDI-Commonplace Rail Diesel Injection, ETC-Digital transmission keep an eye on, ESM-Digital selector module, SBC – Sensotronic Brake Regulate, ESP-Digital steadiness program, BAS-Brake lend a hand, Suspension, TPC-Tire force track, Airbag, CGW-Central gateway, EIS-Digital ignition transfer, OCP-Overhead keep an eye on panel, UCP-Higher keep an eye on panel, XALWA-Xenon headlamp, HRA-Headlamp vary keep an eye on, ATA-Anti-theft alarm device, IC-Device cluster, ASSYST-Lively Carrier Device, SCM-Steerage column module, EPS-Electric energy steerage, PTS – Parktronic device, EPB-Electrical parking brake, COMAND/AUDIO, CD/DVD, TV tuner, CTEL-Cell phone, DCM-Door keep an eye on module, ESA driver-Electrical seat adjustment driving force, ESA passenger-Electrical seat adjustment passenger, AAC-Air-con, WSS-Weight sensor device, SVMCM-Particular car multifunction keep an eye on module, and so forth.

XTUNER E3 WiFi Scanner Serve as Protection

Fast Take a look at, Learn ECU Data., Learn DTCs, Erase DTCs, Transparent studying price, Information Move, Actuations, Learn freeze body information, Learn/Write VIN, Elementary Reset, Regulate unit diversifications, Throttle diversifications, Air bleeding, Degree calibration, Robbery alarm Reset, Key programming, Oil trade, Idle velocity studying, Idle velocity Adjustment, Ignition timing adjustment, Camshaft timing keep an eye on studying, Repairs purposes, ECU Preliminary startup, ECU initialization, and so forth ^(

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