LG rebranding year-old LG G6 with ‘ThinQ’ because this is the darkest timeline

LG G6 ThinQ LG ^(http://www.lg.com/ca_en/cell-phones/lg-LGH873-Black)

When LG announced that the follow-up to the LG G6 would be called the LG G7 ThinQ, many were perplexed. Why not just call it the LG G7? What does “ThinQ” even mean? How does one pronounce “ThinQ” – is it “think” or “thin queue”?

LG had also announced that it would slightly upgrade the LG V30 and release it under the name LG V30S ThinQ, which likewise left us scratching our heads.

Well, it appears there’s no end in sight for the ThinQ rebranding because the Canadian LG website ^(http://www.lg.com/ca_en/cell-phones/lg-LGH873-Platinum) now lists the year-old LG G6 as the LG G6 ThinQ. Is this an oversight, or is LG going to slowly rebrand any phone that it ThinQs thinks should have the ThinQ name?

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Normally, we would just assume that this is a listing error, i.e. someone mistakenly typed in the ThinQ moniker when they shouldn’t have. However, the image at the top of this article has the ThinQ branding in it. That suggests that this is not a typing error, but a conscious rebranding of the device.

Solidifying our theory even more, both the Canadian English site and the French Canadian version ^(http://www.lg.com/ca_fr/telephones-mobiles/decouvrez-le-g6) show the new LG G6 ThinQ listing. If this is just a listing mistake, it’s a hell of a mix-up.

We reached out to an LG rep to see if this is truly a rebrand or simply a web listing error. We’ll update this article should they respond.

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