Look outside if you need weather info, because Google’s service is down

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  • The Google weather service is currently down.
  • If you ask Google Assistant for weather information, you get zero-degree forecasts everywhere — even Hawaii.
  • Google Home hardware suggests you use third-party services if you ask for weather info.

If you ask Google Assistant for weather information right now, you might be surprised by the answer. Google’s weather service must be down, because no matter which location you ask about for weather info, you get a zero-degree forecast.

I find it hard to believe that it’s zero degrees in Hawaii at the moment. It’s certainly not zero degrees in my backyard.

If you use traditional Google Search in your browser, you still get weather info but it comes from a third-party service, most likely Weather.com. Usually, Google would show its own formatted forecast.

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If you try to ask about the weather on Google Home hardware, such as the Google Home Hub, you don’t get an answer. Instead, Assistant will offer to use a third-party service instead and asks if you would like to do that. If you say no, Assistant drops the conversation.

As with most outages involving Google services, it’s likely this will be rectified soon. In the meantime, don’t believe what Google tells you: I’m sure it’s plenty warm in Phoenix, AZ, and not a sub-freezing temperature.

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